Monthly Archives: March 2012

I’m still alive…


No, I’m not dead or in a nut house. I was just a little busy, and when I’m forced to work eight hours per day against any instinct I have (specifically when I have to get up at a time I usually got to bed), I’m not quite motivated to write lengthy articles (come to think of it, I’m not even sure I’ll win the 60 day/60k challenge…). Aaanyway, I guess I’ll be back soon (read: as soon as I finish the three papers and two essays I need to hand in next week), and for now, I just had to share this little treasure:



I don’t even know where to start here… :D

Hitler aside, I hope you all have some nice spring weather right now, and I’ll go have a coffee and try to get rid of that ridiculous tan. Skiing at this wonderful time of the year is one thing, but hanging out at 2,800 meters / 9,000 feet (if that online converter is correct) in bright sunshine and forgetting to take your sunglasses off every once in a while is a bad idea. It’s kind of a downer when you come home and look at your face in a mirror. Just… don’t do it. Seriously. I look like a raccoon right now.

On the other hand… at least I stand out… *shrugs*