This is just random…


Does anybody else feel like the weather is on acid right now? I mean, how else do you explain a miniature blizzard followed by 30 minutes of brightest sunshine, then another drop in temperature of about 8-10 degrees (Celsius, that is) accompanied by some heavy rain, after that some more sun and then another ten-minute snow storm?

…no-one? Well, never mind…


And another random thing: Writing anecdote time :)

When I was in tenth grade (I was… 16?), I was writing a short story during social studies. Nice teacher + boring class = lots of talk about weather, cake, the newspaper (everything but politics…), teacher’s model career when she was young etc. etc. So I was writing, and I usually took great care that nobody could read it, as many writers I know do, actually. This time, I apparently wasn’t paying enough attention, so a classmate right next to me grabbed the first page and was halfway through it before I noticed. She finished it and passed it on. At that very moment, I was thinking about strangling her, but she was one of the few people at school I actually liked, so no strangling. Dammit. While the first page was passed around in class, she urged me to show her the rest. So I finished the last page and handed it to her. The damage was done, anyway.

When both pages had been handed to at least five other people, I got them back, along with grins,  raised eyebrows and several thumbs up. They actually liked it.

Moral of the story? Writers, take heart and show your stuff to other people. Most of the time, what you write isn’t nearly as bad as you think. Even if it’s a super-cheesy sorta-love story you wrote during social studies.

I mean, I still hate showing anyone a first draft, but it got a lot easier to show them the second, third or seventh one…




€dit: So, I failed “60 day/60k” … 40,253. Dammit. So close… at least for me :S


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  1. Du hast so recht! Es kostet immer Überwindung ein neues Werk anderen Menschen zu zeigen. Man selbst sieht alle kleinen Unzulänglichkeiten und der innere Perfektionist möchte es “nur nochmal” überarbeiten…zum 11ten Mal.
    Und tatsächlich steht man dann meistens alleine mit seiner Meinung.
    Danke fürs Teilhaben lassen, an dieser Anekdote!

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