Writing tip of the day


Today, while discussing- …scratch that; while randomly musing about a magazine project we are doing this semester, we got assigned a rather fun little task: Walk around campus and go look for story ideas. Or poems. Or ask the empty schnapps bottle on the front lawn how it got there. Do whatever you like, just come back with a story.

So a classmate and I set off, wandering the area, and looked for stories. Within ten minutes, we found: said empty schnapps bottle, a tree that looks like it’s seriously mutated over the years, random clutter other people had lost, a naked cyclops (statue) and a makeshift “seesaw of the apocalypse”. I have no idea how I thought of the last one. And frankly, I don’t care. It’s cool. And cool things are cool. *stops pathetically impersonating Matt Smith*

Well, much to my surprise, this short walk was a) amazingly entertaining, and b) it actually gave me some story ideas.

So, if you’re suffering from writer’s block, grab a friend/relative/your talking dog and go for a walk. Talk about all and sundry, be silly, talk nonsense, make it a contest to spot the weirdest thing lying or standing around (be it statues, lost things or people), and don’t try to force it. It’ll work just fine. And if you come back with just some vague ideas and nothing concrete, at least you will have had some fun with a friend.

Maybe that’s all you need to cure your writer’s block :)





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