Long time no see…


I know, I know. To be fair, first I was busy doing uni stuff, and then I was, uhh, busy chilling. And since I had no W-lan to reach the garden… let’s just say I decided that I needed a decent tan more than a blog post ;)

Right now, I’m watching the Eurovision Song Contest. For those of you who don’t know what that is: It’s an annual event where most countries of Europe send their most annnoyi-, err, hopeful singers/bands/nut-jobs, put them on a stage and afterwards pretend to award points depending on talent. Yep. It’s just as exciting as it sounds. But I think it’s funny as hell how the commentator insist the countries don’t award their points for sympathy, but for “a very similar taste in music…!” So cute^^ Really, try that sometimes, most of the time, watching events like this one are so much more fun when you shift your attention to the commentators, the fans, the soccer trainer throwing a fit like a grounded teenage girl…^^

Anyway. The Russian grannies damn well deserve all these points, but what the fuck is it with all those guys voting for Sweden? I had to double-check  if I remembered their song correctly. If anyone should win, it’s the Russian ladies :D

If anyone’s interested, Germany is currently ranking somewhere in the middle of the field… Serves you well, that happens when you send the musical equivalent of tofu year after year. Just look at those crazy Irish twins! THEY have style^^ We have some pretty weird bands and singers ourselves, but somehow, no-one ever seems to think than sending a nondescript, early-twenties singer wearing black  and singing a ballad when half of the other countries send nondescript, early-twenties singers wearing black and singing a ballad as well is not exactly the brightest idea… at least put him into a flashy costume and spray him with glitter or something. Doesn’t have to be a dozen background dancers in pink spandex- well, actually, that WOULD be awesome, but… oh, damn, I think I’ll shut up now…



Now for the important stuff.

It’s the last week of May,  I’m officially twenty-three now, and Camp NaNoWriMo is drawing near. I have a veeery rough outline, but that’s about it. No character bios yet, no detailed chapter outlines, no map, and I’m starting to freak out a little. I’m really excited about Camp, my story and everything, though, so… whatever, I’ll just make it up as I go, should work well enough :)

I will try to post regular updates, be it on my writing, doing Camp-y stuff, rants about running out of ice cream again, or cabin gossip. If you’d like to talk about Camp, rant a little yourself, or want to share something NaNo-related with the world – be my guest :)

…oh. Seems like our musical tofu wasn’t so bad after all. Moved up to rank eight. So… I guess, yay? ô.O


…I think I’ll go have some tofu now^^





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