Camping season has begun…


Well, not camping season, but Camping season… not with tents, but with words, and…

Okay,  maybe I should explain.

June and August mark the time frame for Camp NaNoWriMo. In short, every participant aims to write 50,000 words of a single, lengthy piece of fiction between the first and the last day of the respective Camp month. Unless you are a rebel, then you just write 50,000 words of something.

I take it one step further and try to write a whole novel in a month. Well, actually, that is the general motto of the event, but this is only valid if your novel is indeed approximately 50,000 words long. Mine tend to be longer, so I’ll be aiming for roughly  75,000 words. Call me nuts, but I’ve discovered a brand new publisher (imprint of a big German publishing house), and those guys seem to be trying to establish a new tendency in the book market. My novel follows this exact tendency, and I figure the sooner I submit my novel, the better.

Anyway,  publisher or not, I’m still totally excited about the whole event :D I’m a generally lazy person, and events like NaNoWriMo are damn successful at keeping me motivated. It’s fun to talk with other writers about your plot, rant about your characters and procrastinate together with a variety of silly forum games.

All that makes it easy to forget how exhausting, painful and generally frustrating writing can be^^

Now, if any of you is participating as well: Good luck, keep on writing and don’t forget to have some Camp fun sometime. If you are not familiar with the NaNoWriMo concept, but love to write, be it original work, fanfic or whatever: Go to the websites (found in the Link section on this blog), check out their FAQ and the forums and consider giving it a shot. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

I gotta go, technically I should be listening to the dude on stage talking about cars (T(h)in Lizzy, anyone?^^); but if you are into fanfiction, stay tuned for a post on the recent purge on FFnet and the… phenomenon that is Critics United.





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