Yes, I’m procrastinating…


So I’ve been watching some old TV series lately, and it’s incredibly funny to see what I loved as a child.

The main love interest is always sooo cool. As in “He’s a college student, he’s got an awesome apartment, and he’s rich. Oh, and he’s noble, of course!” The female protagonist(s) is/are always sooo girly it almost hurts. And the plot is just repeated every other episode with different names. I don’t even know why I started watching this stuff in the first place… XD


For a nice (and rather manly) change, I went to a midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises yesterday – preceded by a showing of the first two movies.

It. Was. Awesome.

I spent nine hours in the cinema and stuffed myself with nachos, gummi bears and cola. I was one of approximately five women among two hundred guys, and my neck hurt like hell when I came home. But it was so totally worth it :D

I admit, I still like The Dark Knight better. But that’s mostly because it had not only one but two of my favourite antagonists, the Joker and Two-Face. Still, TDKR was a movie very close to “great” on my scale – 9/10. It doesn’t quite get there, for two simple reasons:  I’m not that familiar with Bane as a villain, and every now and then there was a bit too much talking and not enough action. But those are  minor “flaws”, and I will probably go and see it again…

As should you. Really. Go watch it :)




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