See you in Wacken – rain or shine!


Uhm, so, yeah, I just returned yesterday from some pretty awesome music festival. Four days of heavy metal, some useful insight into medieval combat and plenty of cherry beer to sweeten the whole thing a little more. Damn fucking great, if you excuse my French :D

If you live in Europe, have some money to spare and are into metal music, I’d strongly advise you to at least give Wacken a chance. I know plenty of people whining about the whole thing being “too big” and “commercial” (well, duh, they don’t put all that work into it for free…), but seriously, it’s great, big or not. It’s just… the whole atmosphere. You arrive in a village that doesn’t even have two thousand inhabitants, and suddenly – eighty thousand people! There’s some normal guys here and there, but mostly, it’s THAT time of the year, the act-crazy-like-it’s-the-end-of-the-world time of the year (actually, they did have a Mad Max Show this year… didn’t get around to watch it, though, Kamelot got in the way). There are all kinds of crazy people, but most of them are decent guys (and even some gals, though we are a minority^^), so don’t be scared ;)

I’ve been there for six years in a row and will most likely make it seven next year. They already announced some of my all-time favourite bands for 2013, so it’s hard to resist the urge to order my ticket RIGHT FUCKING NOW.

…it’s sorta obvious that I’m excited about this, isn’t it…?

Only thing is, it always gets in the way of Camp NaNoWriMo, being the first weekend in August and all… but really, I can deal with that as long as the Wacken Open Air stays as good as it is :)





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