Beware, ye pitful humans, NaNo hath arrived!


Seventeen kinds of tea? Check.

Freezer stocked with pizza? Check.

Plot? Uhh, please don’t ask…


As for my social life… well, I had little of that for years, another month won’t make any difference^^


So the fearsome NaNoWriMo has finally begun. Within the minute, I will type out the very first sentence of what I intend to be a complete, coherent novel, to be finished by Nov 30, 23:59:59.

I still have my doubts about the “complete” part, but with a sufficient supply of caffeine and chocolate as well as the support of all the lovely people on the NaNo forum I’m sure I can accomplish that. It may cost me my sanity, but by the mighty writing gods, I will do this! *shakes fist*


*achem* So, to anyone who will be doing NaNo as well, good luck, and to those of you who don’t even know what it is: How do you not know that? Go and check it out!^^


See you in a month, I will be back with new writing tips, some fanfic and possibly the complete translation of my latest short story.





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