Famous last words…


…don’t always have to come from a famous person. I bet you the following last words and phrases have been uttered by countless individuals throughout history, right before they met their grisly end.


5. “Of course I know how this works, I’m not stupid!

Come on, you know where this is going…


4. “I’ve done this before, trust me, it’s totally safe!

Now you’ve done it, we’re both gonna die.


3. “I wonder what this button is for…

Which part of ‘Don’t touch the Red Button Of Death’ didn’t you understand?


2. “Hey, watch this!

Now would be a good time for any innocent bystander to either run or go fetch a camera.


1. “Uh-oh…

Never did one good thing follow this. Seriously. Run.



Yes, I’m random today.

Randomness may or may not be caused by my brain being a useless mush after NaNoWriMo.

I had fun anyway :)





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