So, I noticed that more and more people started flinging around the term “ableism” lately. So, not having read anything remotely scientific about it, I used to ask myself just what the hell that term means, anyway. I mean, we have racism, meaning people hate other people based on race (I use that term loosely, mainly because how the hell do you divide the human race into other “races”, anyway?), then there’s sexism, meaning people hate other people because of gender (or lack thereof, or an abundance of genders… y’know what I mean), and then surely, ableism must mean that people hate other people because of… abilities? What the hell? Does that mean I can claim to be a victim of discrimination because I’m able to do stuff? That doesn’t sound right. So, do they mean it the other way round? People who aren’t able to do stuff get all the hate? Probably. But… shouldn’t that be disableism, then? Freaking terminology…

Aside from the fact that I don’t give a damn about whether the nice person I’m chatting with is slim, large, tall, short,  has three eyes, rolls around in a wheelchair, is black, white, yellow, green or so heavily tattooed no-one can tell anymore, has their junk dangling between their legs or stuffed into a bra or both – just as I don’t care if the jerk I’m yelling at is slim, large, tall, short, has three eyes, rolls around in a wheelchair… you know the drill – I have just one thing to ask: Can you people please be a bit more exact with your damn terminology? The whole “He’s different, let’s hate him/give him an extra special treatment!” thing is pretty damn ridiculous in itself, so the least you could would be finding terms that don’t require a dictionary, extensive googling and a lengthy explanation by a so-called expert to understand. That’s not helpful for anyone.

Randomness out.






€dit: Okay, now that WordPress showed me a bunch of other posts tagged “ableism”, I can’t help but ask: What the hell is wrong with some people? Do they feel offended by everything? Should I fear attempts on my life if I ever again use phrases like “That’s some crazy shit, dude!”, “That film is so lame…” or “He’s so totally blind to his girlfriend’s cheating…” in public? People, not everything that could potentially be an offense IS an actual offense! In fact, most of the time, it isn’t. C’mon, I saw someone stating in a comment that “You do X like a girl!” is so totally sexist and should never be said ever again! Uhh, just for the record, I have a uterus and I don’t mind people saying “You hit like a girl!” or “You drive like an old lady!” Those phrases don’t mean every girl hits like that or every old lady drives like that, it’s a use of stereotypes known as stereotypes! Every human being with three active braincells should know that. Also, I sure as hell don’t hit like a girl. Ask my old classmates, they know :P

And now I should just stop ranting before I start excessively using profanities. Uhh, more than usual, that is…


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