Close your eyes and take a dive


I’m pretty sure you know that situation: You’re standing on top of a cliff, behind you awaits a hundred-metre-plunge, and in front of you there’s a pack of wolves, a forest fire and a chainsaw-wielding madman with a hockey mask. And instead of taking a chance and taking on one of those obstacles, you turn around and jump off the cliff, screaming, to your inevitable death.

Well, maybe not that exact situation. But that’s kind of how I feel at the moment. I should be answering messages, working on three different novels and preparing for my exams. What am I doing instead? Sticking my head into the sand and writing fanfic after fanfic, most of which will never see the light of day. *sighs* This is me, jumping off a cliff -.-

Maybe I should quit the whole “living like a normal person” thing altogether. I will fail spectacularly in the end, anyway, and any poor bastard who happens to be attached to me in some way will go down with me. Maybe I should just stop trying and do things in my own way. That has always worked, and maybe it always will. Since apparently, the “normal way” doesn’t work for me at all. And who says I have to do everything by following the “rules” down to the letter? Who says there are rules for life anyway? It’s not like this is a giant Game of Life. Screw the rules, I’ll make up my own as I go. Society can kiss my pretty bottom.

Still, I wish I could take a heart and at least start with something. Doesn’t have to be any of the above, but I do feel like a lazy bum at the moment. Maybe I should find another hobby. Knitting maybe, or making crop circles. Yeah, that sounds fun. Now, where’s the nearest cornfield…?





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