Fake Geek Girls and why this whole debate is bullshit


A warning beforehand: This is going to be a rant, and it probably won’t be coherent. You have been warned, now carry on :>


Not sure if this so-called “fake geek girl” thing is even popular enough to be widely known. Basically, it’s about girls who call themselves geeks and subsequently get called posers by the so-called “real” geeks. Yep, it’s like kindergarten, but that’s the fun of the internet, right?^^

So yeah, maybe I’m kinda behind on this, but I just now realised how much this thing escalated. Honestly, I didn’t really expect this level of hostility from those who got ostracised as kids for loving what they love. C’mon, shouldn’t you know best how that feels?

Only we are not children anymore, and apparently, adult “geeks” are free to insult everything and everyone they consider a “fake”. So far, I haven’t been able to determine the exact amount of knowledge about [insert random part of geekdom here] that separates the poser from the true geek. Doesn’t seem to matter anyway, since pretty much everyone seems to qualify as a fake in the eyes of a select few who only deem themselves and their devout followers worthy of wearing the badge of “GEEK”. Well, maybe I’m exaggerating a bit, but it sure feels like this is the case.

What I don’t understand is where all this hatred comes from? I mean, those guys (and gals) probably were the kids who got picked on because they went to see Star Wars Five times in opening week and lugged around books that had more pages than their schoolbooks. They likely were excluded because they were different, and now they do the same to others. Guys, do you even see the irony in this? Man, you’ve gotta be stark raving mad… (let’s play Who Spots the Lame Iron Man Joke :P)

Speaking of let’s play, one thing that can serve as a nice example for this selective exclusion is Joe Peacock’s reaction on a reaction on his first article (see link above). He explicitly states that “gaming is not geeky”. (Also, he kind of insults booth babes and claims they only do it for the money. Dude, they probably do, they are paid models, it’s their JOB! /random comment) Okay, fine, there may be various opinions on that one. What irks me is that in his other article he mentions “celebrating great comics, great games, great art, great movies and great television”. Yes, fine, I’m with you on that one. BUT! If you exclude games from the “geeky” spectrum, why not comic books as well? After all those films, they are just as popular as video games; maybe even more so. My mum watches those films with me, but she doesn’t play video games (yet^^). So, what makes comics geekier than games? Is Doctor Who still geekier than Supernatural? And since when has art NOT been geeky, no matter what kind or art?

Excluding one thing because it became “too popular” while simultaneously embracing another which is just as popular just because YOU happen to like it makes you look like an idiot. Just so you know.


Now, to enrage the “pure” geek community a bit:

According to this Venn diagram, what do you think I am?


If you guessed “geek”, you just earned yourself a cookie :>

See, I may sound arrogant, but I am obsessed as well as smart; granted, I’m not totally socially incompetent, but I do qualify as “awkward”, even on my good days (does this mean I’m a geek/nerd hybrid?). Now, this lovely diagram was used by Tara brown (see link above) to back up her point (she’s one of those who hate the “fakes”, in case you’re too lazy to read the whole thing…). So, according to this, I’m a pureblood geek – but according to the rest of her article I’m not.

Did your head explode already?

You see, this is why this whole debate is downright stupid. The geek culture has grown so much over the past few decades, it’s just ridiculous to try and keep it as it used to be. There are tons of people out there who are “modern geeks”, but probably wouldn’t have qualified as one had they been born in the seventies. Hell, I wouldn’t. No, I haven’t read every single comic book that’s out there (mainly because they are insanely pricey around here; we don’t get normal, cheap comics to read and throw away, we get fancy graphic novels to put on our bookshelves that cost a shit ton of money -.-). No, I haven’t played every single video game there ever was. And no, I haven’t had the time yet to watch every single episode of Doctor Who (and I never will watch all of them, simply because I’m too young to have seen the lost episodes on TV :<). Well, sue me. I don’t care what you elitist freaks think – I stand by it, I qualify as a geek, by your standards and mine. And your efforts to exclude people like me to keep “your” culture pure just serves as evidence for how much asshattery is going on in the world, even in your precious geek culture.

Also, I’m wearing a Batman shirt as I write this. Because I love Batman. Or maybe I am Batman. Who knows.





PS: Just an afterthought… I read in one of the articles against fake geek girls (by the way, why never “fake geek dudes”? oO) that only those qualify as true geeks who contribute to the culture. I wonder what they think about all the “fake geek girls” writing fanfiction…


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  1. I thoroughly agree with this. It amuses me that people cling to the term “geek” like it gives them some sort of right. I’m a geek because the things I like tend to be considered geeky. That’s the extent of it. Maybe to some people who have very little self confidence, the title is important. But getting annoyed at “fake geeks” because they don’t meet your standards? Since when are your standards the global rule for anything? In my opinion, if something geeky becomes mainstream, all the better!
    On the flip side, I think there’s a very small subculture of girls (or at least a rumor of a very small subculture) who use the term “geek” just to get attention from guys, and maybe that’s what the protest is all about, but really, that’s not something to waste energy getting mad about, and a lot of people are getting caught in the crossfires who are just trying to express a love for something they enjoy. And it’s not like guys have never used a term to get attention from girls.
    Additionally, as a girl who’s worked in a comic book store, you’d be amazed at how many guys still just don’t believe a girl can be geeky. You’d think that people would be over it by now, but the numbers are startling. Guys would talk to me like I clearly had no clue about their fandom. Just recently I went and bought Magic cards and the guy behind the counter gave me lip about it. Dude, yes, I play Magic. Yes, I’m a girl. You’re not being funny. You’re being sexist.
    So, yes, I think this whole concept is silly. As for fanfiction, that’s a totally viable contribution method! Not my style, but if you really put effort into it, you’re producing something creative regarding your fandom. I wonder how all those “real geeks” contributed.

  2. Ugh, totally agree! The worst part is that Tony Harris (the guy who started half this mess) was like, “Women cosplayers only wear the sexy costumes! They want to LOOK good!” And my response is, “Well, duh. Of course they do, jackass.”

    The only kind of “geek” I really have an issue with is the twenty-something frat boys who saw The Dark Knight and now consider themselves the expert on all things Batman, despite having never picked up a comic. But all the others I’m okay with.

  3. I honestly have no idea what I am. I like things that aren’t “mainstream” (hate that word), but I don’t watch Dr Who and have only seen a few episodes of Buffy, or whatever other show is supposed to be a prerequisite for true geekdom. I collect and customize My Little Ponies and Monster High dolls, but I’m not a Brony by any definition, so I’m not welcome in parts of that subset of the geek nation. I read and write Fantasy, but I’ve never made it through the LotR trilogy- bores the heck out of me. So I guess to some people I’m faking that, too.

    I thought we were geeks because we like what we like and can’t be bothered to be ashamed of it, whatever our particular obsession might be. Do we really have to cover ALL of the bases to qualify? I come by my bits of geekiness honestly, but I’m not going to pretend to adore video games just so I can be one of the cool geeks.

    Did… did I just say that? O.o

    I’m with you. I don’t understand why people who like geek stuff can’t just respect one another, or at least remember how hurtful it is to be made fun of for what you like, or don’t like.

    (So I’m what… a quasi-geek?)

    • This debate is a wonderfully horrible display of something I really hate: The whole “we’re part of a really special scene so we must keep it exclusive” attitude, especially the “anti mainstream” behaviour. I got some first-hand experience when I first started dabbling in the heavy metal “scene” (I hate this word. I just do.); when I was asked which bands were my current favourites and it happened to be some rather popular ones, I’d get THAT look. And I quickly found out that I didn’t mind – I was just someone who liked metal music, and I was happy not being part of a scene if that meant looking down on someone who didn’t like the exact same bands I liked. That didn’t sit too well with the people who failed to intimidate me by listing off random obscure bands I could hardly pronounce^^
      I guess I signed my musical death sentence when I openly admitted that I liked neither Slayer nor Iron Maiden. Apparently, you aren’t a true metal fan if you don’t love those bands with all your black heart… ô.O
      Ten years after the first “What kind of poser doesn’t like Slayer?!” comment, I still find this amusing^^
      In the end, like you said, we’re just a bunch of nice people who happen to like cool stuff :3

      • I’ve met those people!

        “Yeah, I’m really into GLAXPLATHFT*#$%&$(DHBNSKDNf. You’ve probably never heard of them, right? Yeah. Whatever, poser.”

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