Too AU? Never mind, nbd :)


Anecdote time!^^

This actually happens.

This is what happened to me. More precisely, this is how my last NaNo novel came to be :) It started out as a songfic when I first heard a new song from my favourite band, became a generic fanfic involving a very Sue-like protagonist and a supporting cast that looked suspiciously like a few certain musicians, and then, while I was working on a different project and not looking, ran away with some crazy sparks of imagination and produced a healthy, happy novel idea some nine months later. Sort of.

It’s really weird how things turn out if you don’t pay attention for a while. I really wonder just how many published novels out there started out as something entirely different. Cheesy poems maybe, or a rant about why soy milk is evil, and rice and beans are great. Or maybe even grocery lists. With strawberries and apple pie at the very top.

I should eat lunch now.

But I still think Stephen King’s CELL happened because his cell phone broke when he was in the middle of nowhere with a flat tire, and he decided to write the manufacturer a flaming letter of hate. Which then turned into a book. Because good old Stephen just can’t keep it short.


On a different note, I hate my job. Well, I wish it were a job, actually, not just a hobby-that’ll-hopefully-turn-into-a-job. Anyways. Do you know that feeling, when you try to decide on a narrator? I really, really hate writing in first person (partially because I hate reading it; too many books use bad first person narration these days…). But I think for the rewrite of Runaway, first person would be kinda interesting. And now I need to decide quickly, before I lose all motivation I managed to come up with… *sighs* I should’ve become a librarian or something. At least I wouldn’t have to deal with those damn decisions…





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