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Fanfiction is NOT non-literature!


It’s a really sad thing that, by now, I’m used to people giving me that look when they learn that I write fanfiction. It’s a sad thing that I stopped telling people that I write fanfiction altogether and try to avoid saying anything about the subject until I’m sure they won’t give me said look that pretty much says something along the lines of “Oh, you actually think you are a writer, how cute, but do you know that this is not real literature?”. And it’s a sad thing that I’m not the only fanfiction writer in the closet precisely because of that.


There is one reason why I am actually grateful that Fifty Shades of Grey was properly published. It was one huge step on the way of proving that fanfiction is literature just like the original works are. It might not be the best book that’s out there (it really isn’t), but that has nothing to do with it being a fanfiction, it’s about the author not being the brightest candle on the writer’s chandelier. But she may just have paved the way for more good fanfics eventually turning into completely original novels. I mean, it’s not like every fic is just a lame copy of the original. There are plenty of stories that would work just as well with the names changed, and the similarities would turn into casual nods towards pop culture. (At the risk of boasting, I suppose my Silent Hill story would be one of those. Anyways.)

So I guess it’s understandable I was a little bugged when I had to read this from one of my favourite bloggers (roughly translated), when he was answering a tweet from someone who claimed that there were much worse fanfics than 50 Shades: “Maybe, but now it has to compete with other bestselling novels and not only with fanfics.” What irks me is the “not only fanfics” part. He made similar comments about 50 Shades before, and while I generally like his blog, I very much wanted to yell at him for that. He always makes it sound like fanfics were something less that literature, less that “real” writing. That’s rich, coming from a guy whose first novel is a Twilight spoof that can very well be seen as “fan”fiction, too. (He’s not the only one, but his comment inspired this post.)

I wrote about a similar problem before: The “real literature vs. genre literature” thing. It’s both literature. As is fanfiction. We put just as much effort in writing our stories as “real” authors do. In fact, I am also a “real” author. So does that mean my fanfic is somehow still worse than my original writing? Or does my writing fanfiction make my original writing worse by definition? Doesn’t sound logical, and it certainly isn’t true. Every author on this planet gets inspired by something that has come before them. That’s why we say “There’s nothing that hasn’t been done before”. So what’s so bad about fanfic authors who just openly admit that they get their ideas from someone else’s work?


We are not lesser writers because we write fanfiction. Our writing isn’t worse because it’s not completely original. So please stop picking on us and what we like  just because it’s not your cup of tea. It’s not a one-way ticket to writer’s hell to write fanfiction. It’s a legitimate hobby, and it’s legitimate writing. Stop looking down on us. We don’t look down on you, either.





Since when is porn bad, exactly?


Allow me to elaborate: Since when is porn bad for the average adult human being who independently decides it’s fun to watch some sexytimes on TV (or elsewhere) from time to time?

Since always, it seems. Or, rather, the EU seems to think it is. Or maybe just some stuck-up assholes who actually get turned on by banning everything that other people find remotely enjoyable. Started with printed books way back when the sun still revolved around the earth, and didn’t end with the good old shoot-’em-ups which, apparently, warp and twist our children into monstrous creatures without a trace of compassion. Or something like that. Wait, am I a monstrous creature without compassion? In that case, maybe they’ve got a point….

Anyways, moving on. C’mon, what exactly is so bad about porn? Adult people watch adult people getting at it, in more or less erotic situations (the things I’ve seen… *shudders*), and no-one is forced to watch and/or participate. For the record, I’m not talking about the illegal stuff here, just about your run-of-the-mill porn, available from the dealer of your choice. Perfectly safe, and even entertaining, though sometimes not in the way the director meant it to be. Well, seems like I’m wrong about that one. It’s dangerous, promotes bad role models, and will plunge the world into anarchy if we don’t outlaw it immediately. And while they didn’t outright say they wish to ban all pornography, the phrasing is vague enough to, ultimately, allow just that to happen.

Really, is it just me, or do those guys manage to sneak a handful of… questionable paragraphs into every single proposition, no matter how noble the initial intentions? Remember CISPA and ACTA? Okay, I see, online piracy is wrong, but those were basically a carte blanche to monitor everything we do online and cut our access on a whim, without proof, just because, I dunno, we looked up the prices of a rival cable company. Now this. Now, they seem just to be trying to promote (gender) equality, which is kind of a good cause, and they even managed to mention that, yes, it’s not just about women’s rights, it’s about everyone’s rights, which includes, y’know, everyone. But how could someone possibly support something that tries to shut down a whole perfectly legal industry, just because they don’t like it? No way I’m gonna approve of that.

Neither should anyone else. I’m sick of politicians trying to get through with stunts like that, sneaking in dangerous laws into seemingly harmless draft bills. I’m getting the feeling they are actively trying to take away our rights; and yes, privileges, too, but seriously, where do we draw the line? We don’t need soda to live, but does that mean it’s okay to just ban it? Didn’t think so. It starts with porn, and next thing we know, every TV show has to get a seal of approval of the government, under the pretence of “protecting our children”? China, anyone? Just because we don’t need a specific something to live doesn’t mean we should let politics take it away from us that easily. I’m currently writing a dystopia, and some things in there are so eerily similar to what’s going on here, it’s downright scary.


So, please, even if you’re not EU based, help us stop this idiocy before they can do more than just ruffle their feathers. Sign the petition and help us stop this thing, preferably before we lose our beloved “Why is there straw in the corner?” :O