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I’m on someone’s list!


And it’s a good kind of list, too! :O

More specifically, I am on the list of persons the lovely Beckony-who-wants-to-change-that-username ;) nominated for the Liebster Award, a tag award for bloggers. I was flattered, to say the least, and now I’m a bit embarrassed it took me so long to react (mainly because I had kind of a minor major life crisis and had to sort out the mess that is my life right now). It’s wonderful to get this kind of feedback, to know that there is someone out there who likes what I write and whom I can make happy from time to time. That’s one reason why I write :)

Now, for the whole award part of this post…


This is the award. In case you didn’t notice.


1. Why I started blogging.

Well, mainly because of what I said above: I like making people happy, and beside the whole I-have-a-place-to-vent-whenever-I-feel-like-it thing, that’s the main reason why I started this blog. It’s not the fiction blog I aimed for originally (mainly because I usually write in German and my fanfiction is all on, anyway), but I suppose that didn’t hurt much.

The thing about blogging is that there is no pressure involved, as long as you don’t do it professionally. I aim for quality over quantity, sure, but, unlike with my destined-to-be-published projects, I don’t have to write with “real” publication in mind, and that makes it a lot easier to just let it flow, so to speak, and write from the heart.

(Also, I met a few wonderful people through this blog, so,  in retrospect, I’d add this as a bonus reason^^)


2. Two unknown facts about me.

1) I wanted a tattoo since I was sixteen, but it took me six years to decide on the subject and finally get it.

2) The protagonists of my first “serious” novel were based on actually the members of one of my favourite bands with different names. Don’t judge me, we all went through this phase!^^


3. One embarrassing childhood story.

Definitely the hardest one, not because I didn’t have a childhood, but because I’m not exactly embarrassed by much… if you knew my family, you’d know why XD

Closest to embarrassing is probably when I broke my arm when I was a child. I was about seven years old and tiny for my age, which meant that I couldn’t see myself in the bathroom mirror yet. So my parents had those stepstools ready for me and my brother. One night I thought it was a good idea to use the stool to climb onto the toilet to get a better look at myself in the mirror. When I attempted to get down, my dad came only as far as “Don’t…”, then I was already jumping down onto the stool, which promptly slid from under my feet and sent me crashing to the floor. I literally broke my arm when I fell from the toilet. I bet the nurses in the ER still find this funny.


4. Now, for my own nominees…

(I don’t follow that many blogs, and since one of the people I’d nominate was the one who nominated me, the list is very short.)

1) Kate from disregard the prologue, because I can relate to a lot of what she writes about, she can be as serious as she is funny, and plus, there’s always Jack :D (Edit: Apparently, you also got a Liebster nomination already. Have this one, anyway^^)

2) Alison from Bibliomancy, formerly Writing at Midnight. Sort of. (I had her on my mental list before I realised she had been nominated before (yes, I’m behind on everything right now, even reading blogs I follow…), but I’d like to list her again just because. No idea how this is supposed to work though…) She has this awesome way of putting into a few words the things I’d need a whole novel to explain, and so much of what she posts about writing and/or life in general is something I can wholeheartedly agree with. So screw the rules, Alison, you’re still going on this list^^


5. And finally, a few questions for those two to answer:

1) (Since I know you both write): Describe your favourite writing space (no pictures, because we are true masters of words, right?^^). Doesn’t have to be your actual desk/favourite coffee shop/whatever, so be as creative as you wish.

2) Post a poem. It can be an old one, one you wrote solely for this post, a really silly one, a dirty limerick, a joke that rhymes… your choice.

3) If you could be any animal, real or fictional, which one would it be and why?

4) And last but not least, the people you’d like to nominate for the award.



Phew, this was a long one. Does this count towards my Camp NaNo wordcount? Because I really need to boost that one…


Killing undead? Cool. Slaying dragons? No big deal. Doing homework? Ohcraphellno! (Also, some stuff about my NaNo novel…)


Randomness ahead, you have been warned.


A few signs that you have played way too many video games lately…


1. When someone asks you how you spent your weekend and you automatically reply “I killed some dragon champions and then defeated Napoleon’s army” before you realise that’s probably not what they meant.


2. When the Decision Of The Day involves choosing dialogue options based on the choice between “have threesome with knight and pirate” and “have threesome, then invite the elven assassin to join”.


3. When you deliberately buy food that can be eaten with one hand or with no hands at all, if necessary.


4. When you choose buying a new headset over buying new shoes. (Finally, Teamspeak, woohoo!^^)


5. When you start dreaming about attacking That One Mean Professor with fireballs before feeding him to an ogre, and you catch yourself making plans on how best to ambush him.


6. When your biggest problem is choosing between two equally awesome games you still have to beat that will both eat away your whole weekend (and possibly Monday morning, too).


7. When finishing a particularly difficult dungeon is the pathetic climax of your whole week…


…I can’t be the only one, can I?



And now for something entirely different.

I can’t help but feel like I’m sort of ruining my chances to ever get published. First, I create a character of an age apparently despised by publishers (my heroine is twenty-five! *le gasp* How dare I make her even a day older than seventeen?!), then I create an equally unloved plot (*insert shocked expression here* my MCs make morally ambiguous choices!), and now I decided to scratch the romantic subplot (without which no novel can survive these days. Or so it seems…). So I’m not even sure what is left to show editors and agents. Y’know, apart from the plot and the characters and the fact that it’s something that would be pretty much filling a niche in the market that’s been more or less ignored until now (the young adults who are, actually, young adults, and not whiny teenagers falling in love with supernatural creatures of varying creepiness).

Seriously though, how do I explain the lack of basically everything that appears to make a book sellable? o_O




Dear WTF Fanfiction: Thank you for making my day!

Rampant erection – When “weird” is taken to the next level…


What’s worse: That there is a film about this, or that I watched it and thought it was hilarious…?

Yes, this post is random. No, I do not care. And yes, you should go watch that film, now^^

Also: That awkward moment when you see this actor and think “Hey, I’ve seen that guy before…”, just to wikipedia him and realise it was probably in some kind of porn? Yeah, happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.




WOLOLO (also: rant ahead)


You know we’re part of the same gamer generation when you get that. And when you don’t need to scroll down to know what this comic is about XD

Ahhh, playing AoE for hours and hours and hours with my brother until we remembered there was still an enemy that needed slaughtering…^^

Maybe I should go play some now…

…what do you mean, I still have a Camp to win? Uhh, I’m, like, so close to finishing? “So close” as in “I think I did reach 5k this weekend, but I’m not sure since it’s all in longhand”. But I’m getting there, I swear!


[Okay, I didn’t intend to write that next part, it just came pouring out and it feels good to have it, well, spoken aloud, kind of. You don’t have to read this, it’s really just me whining, but I’m gonna leave it here anyway because I need this, and writing stuff in a diary where nobody would ever see it never helped me, anyway. So, yeah, just ignore the following if you wish, I won’t blame you if you don’t wanna listen to me complain about my life.]

…who am I kidding, it’s going horrible, and I have no idea how to fix it T_T Had a crappy day today, haven’t had a good night’s sleep in about a week, my place is a mess and I randomly started crying multiple times the whole afternoon because I’m scared and hopeless and a failure and I think I’m panicking again ._.

I don’t even know what’s wrong with me, I just keep having those weird mood swings, and being totally behind with everything, being awfully tired and missing my family doesn’t really help. Maybe it’s just some post-graduation freak-out, after all, I should be looking for a job, instead I’m still studying, just a different subject at a different uni, and it seems like I suck at it, or else I wouldn’t fail exam after exam, but it is what I really wanted, and I’m kinda afraid that, if I’m no good at this, either, and it sure looks like I’m not, that I’ll never do anything remarkable or even useful in my life. But there is this horrible, horrible voice in the back of my head that tells me this isn’t just a passing thing, it’s the truth and I should stop trying, I’ll never gonna make it anyway.

Does that happen to everyone, or am I just a freak of nature with a brain that’s not been designed for this world and this kind of life?

Or maybe the universe just has a sick sense of humour, who knows -.-



…wow. That actually felt good. I think I’m gonna go write something now. Something funny, maybe, I guess I could use some funny now…




Those days…


…when you wake up knowing your dream self just had an awesome story idea, but you are too busy sulking to write it down because you didn’t get to snog the Doctor before your alarm clock woke you up…

Come one, Dream Self, next time, just jump him so I can get my ideas into a notepad -.-





Edit because goddammit: Is it really that hard to create CD cases and covers that fit into an average CD shelf? I get the feeling that I have to reorganise my collection every single time I buy a new album. Case in point: The Mystery of Time. Thank you very much, Avantasia, I just had to move you, Edguy, Norther, Dream Theater and Ensiferum around for like ten minutes until I found a constellation that worked (yes, I obsessively lump certain bands together like a nutcase; so what, sue me). I won’t even start on other dumb-ass packagings (I’m looking at you, Wintersun *coughs* Time I *coughs*), which frequently make whole albums end up on an entirely different shelf because they’re freaking huge! Seriously, would it hurt that much to go and measure a shelf before you start working on the cover?