Those days…


…when you wake up knowing your dream self just had an awesome story idea, but you are too busy sulking to write it down because you didn’t get to snog the Doctor before your alarm clock woke you up…

Come one, Dream Self, next time, just jump him so I can get my ideas into a notepad -.-





Edit because goddammit: Is it really that hard to create CD cases and covers that fit into an average CD shelf? I get the feeling that I have to reorganise my collection every single time I buy a new album. Case in point: The Mystery of Time. Thank you very much, Avantasia, I just had to move you, Edguy, Norther, Dream Theater and Ensiferum around for like ten minutes until I found a constellation that worked (yes, I obsessively lump certain bands together like a nutcase; so what, sue me). I won’t even start on other dumb-ass packagings (I’m looking at you, Wintersun *coughs* Time I *coughs*), which frequently make whole albums end up on an entirely different shelf because they’re freaking huge! Seriously, would it hurt that much to go and measure a shelf before you start working on the cover?


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