Dear WTF Fanfiction: Thank you for making my day!

Rampant erection – When “weird” is taken to the next level…


What’s worse: That there is a film about this, or that I watched it and thought it was hilarious…?

Yes, this post is random. No, I do not care. And yes, you should go watch that film, now^^

Also: That awkward moment when you see this actor and think “Hey, I’ve seen that guy before…”, just to wikipedia him and realise it was probably in some kind of porn? Yeah, happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.





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  1. I will probably regret this, but I am headed to watch it ;)

    In related news, I was reading a perfectly normal, calm book today when all of a sudden–HENTAI!. Then it went back to being perfectly normal. I am confused.

    • Ohhh, no regrets, it’s an awesome film, just give it a chance^^

      And this seems to happen a lot in lately, especially in romantasy. Dunno, randomly inserted sexy times seem to be some kind of magical way to sell more books or something. I have no idea how else to explain that…

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