Killing undead? Cool. Slaying dragons? No big deal. Doing homework? Ohcraphellno! (Also, some stuff about my NaNo novel…)


Randomness ahead, you have been warned.


A few signs that you have played way too many video games lately…


1. When someone asks you how you spent your weekend and you automatically reply “I killed some dragon champions and then defeated Napoleon’s army” before you realise that’s probably not what they meant.


2. When the Decision Of The Day involves choosing dialogue options based on the choice between “have threesome with knight and pirate” and “have threesome, then invite the elven assassin to join”.


3. When you deliberately buy food that can be eaten with one hand or with no hands at all, if necessary.


4. When you choose buying a new headset over buying new shoes. (Finally, Teamspeak, woohoo!^^)


5. When you start dreaming about attacking That One Mean Professor with fireballs before feeding him to an ogre, and you catch yourself making plans on how best to ambush him.


6. When your biggest problem is choosing between two equally awesome games you still have to beat that will both eat away your whole weekend (and possibly Monday morning, too).


7. When finishing a particularly difficult dungeon is the pathetic climax of your whole week…


…I can’t be the only one, can I?



And now for something entirely different.

I can’t help but feel like I’m sort of ruining my chances to ever get published. First, I create a character of an age apparently despised by publishers (my heroine is twenty-five! *le gasp* How dare I make her even a day older than seventeen?!), then I create an equally unloved plot (*insert shocked expression here* my MCs make morally ambiguous choices!), and now I decided to scratch the romantic subplot (without which no novel can survive these days. Or so it seems…). So I’m not even sure what is left to show editors and agents. Y’know, apart from the plot and the characters and the fact that it’s something that would be pretty much filling a niche in the market that’s been more or less ignored until now (the young adults who are, actually, young adults, and not whiny teenagers falling in love with supernatural creatures of varying creepiness).

Seriously though, how do I explain the lack of basically everything that appears to make a book sellable? o_O





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