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Who even draws pictures like that?!


It’s a children’s book!


That pretty much sums it up…


Just sayin’…

Also, when I sit next to you in class, trying not to choke to death from suppressed laughter and you ask me what’s up, when I can tell you that this guy on the picture we’re supposed to talk about appears to have a raging boner and you don’t judge me, but instead start giggling like a maniac, too, I will hug you <3 Well, probably not, since we’re in public and I’m really awkward around people, but it will be the biggest mental hug you can imagine. Like, a Chuck-Norris-trying-to-wrestle-you-to-the-ground big hug. Because you are cool, and possibly just as mad as I am.

Not that this ever happened to me, let alone at age 24 or anything… also, no-one ever commented this situation with “you are both way too juvenile to be actual college students”… while grinning as well :)


Yes, another random post. I meant to go pick up a PSN Card today to finally purchase Mass Effect (what, sometimes it takes me a while to get around to playing a good game…), and pick up a few DVDs on my “to buy” list, but since I’m usually depending on my bike for transportation, the bus is disproportionally expensive for just running a few errands, and it’s cold and raining not only cats and dogs, but also chickens, fish and maybe elephants, I’m pretty much stuck in my flat. Well done, weather. Which leaves me with option a), play Morrowind for the… 27th…? time, option b), start packing up my books (and maybe break my back in the process), and option c), …wait for it… write! *insert shocked expression here* …yup, that’s pretty much what I could do today.

I guess I’ll take option c) today, that way I at least won’t feel guilty for not choosing option b) while wasting my time with option a). Also, there may or may not be the possibility of doing a Writing Problems post about that damn first chapter. “May” because I know there’s a problem, but I still haven’t figured out a solution…

Leaving now, banging my head against the wall, seeing if that helps…






€dit: Just found this in my spam filter… “Be health care furious in bed”. I don’t even… what? oO

€dit #2: Top search leading people here? “porn horor”. Great. Now people find me through weird search requests and typos^^


Randomness of the Day


Reading smut, selecting some random playlist, first song: Judas Priest – Ram it Down.

Is it really so juvenile to laugh at that…?^^


Jup, I’ve been kinda quiet lately. Had to get my priorities straight, though, what with my last exams (need the certificates to prove I really do know some Finnish and Swedish), going back and forth between my place and that of my parents for my dentist appointments, and now I have to start packing up my stuff so we can just load it in the moving truck in July… as opposed to what I did the last time; it’s not advisable to start packing a week before you move, no matter how small your apartment is – there will always be stuff that just magically appears and that you have absolutely no space for.


Once that is all over, though, I’ll post more, and also continue my Writing Problems posts, hopefully on a more regular basis. I’m planning to make an actual writer’s how-to out of them eventually and turn it into an ebook. Most writer’s manuals I know deal well with some problems, and various others tackle the rest, but I’m never quite satisfied with the advice, especially since it’s for a broader audience, and I really wish for a book on writing fantasy (one that isn’t stuck at 80’s sword&sorcery). So I decided to write my Problems posts as usual, but focused on the nuts and bolts of writing modern(-ish) fantasy. Maybe there are some desperate writers out there who would like something like that. We’ll see. At the very least, I’ll have something to do when my novels are driving me crazy again…




Humans suck


Well, not all of them, and probably even those who do don’t suck all the time, but still. The internet frequently manages to shatter my faith in humanity almost beyond repair T_T

I love being part of a fandom. Fandoms are great. You share something you love with a lot of people (most of whom are awesome), you get to enjoy what you like outside of the original show/book/game/obscure asian film, and you have something to obsess over and discuss in the middle of the night with your best friend who is just as crazy about the show as you are, possibly even crazier.

But then there are the days when I facepalm, headdesk, and do every other possible gesture that expresses an equal amount of embarrassment and “whhhyyy?!”. There are days when I am close to denying every connection I might have to the fandom in question, and pretend I don’t even know what XYZ is. Those are the days when I make the mistake of reading the comments to a fandom-related press release. (Yes, I should know better T_T)

Case in point: An article concerning John Hurt’s role in the next episode of Doctor Who (€dit because d’oh: Of course I mean the 50th anniversary special. Silly me.). Now, if you don’t want to hear, see, read or get signed by a deaf chimpanzee anything about the upcoming series finale, the special, or the series in general, stop reading. Now. I’m serious, go away now, or you will read things you might not want to know. You still here? Okay, I did warn you, don’t blame it on me if your fun gets spoiled.








Okay, that’s the best I can do. From now on, this is a minefield of possible spoilers.

The article basically states that actor John Hurt (you know, that guy who played Ollivander in the Harry Potter films? Yep, that’s him.) will be in the 50th anniversary special, and he’s going to play the Ninth Doctor. Yes, that’s right. Rumour has it that Christopher Eccleston’s Doctor wasn’t Nine at all, but actually Ten. Which would make David Tennant Eleven, and Matt Smith Twelve. A fact that doesn’t sit well with a lot of fans. Outsiders wouldn’t believe the outrage in the fandom upon this news. Suddenly, the beloved, wonderful show isn’t wonderful at all, canon gets screwed and Steven Moffat is a jerk who has gone mad with power. There is so much hate directed towards him I’m wondering how he can stand going online anymore. People suddenly complain about everything he has ever done with Doctor Who, rant about how he has no right to do all this and that there is a canon to stick to, and even demand he give up his position as a showrunner. All because they don’t like this particular plot twist that might not even happen (after all, this could be a red red herring and not true at all).

Seriously, fandom? -.-

I understand how someone can feel let down by this, even gets a little angry. I mean, come on, I think George Lucas should have left well enough alone and never started “remastering” the original Star Wars trilogy (Han shot first! :P). But they are his films, and he has the right to do with them whatever he wants. Whoever created a piece of art has the right to change it as he pleases whenever the hell he feels like it. No-one can dictate the rules the artist has to stick to (well, unless the artist is paid to deliver a specific piece, but that’s beside the point here). That’s kind of the very definition of art – it comes from the heart and follows no rules.

And now this shouldn’t apply anymore because some condescending pricks don’t like what they get? Being a writer, there is no other answer for me to give than “What the fuck are you douchebags thinking?!” Just because you are fans you think you have the right to expect the creator to be at your beck and call and do exactly what you tell him to do? That’s not how it works, that’s not how it should ever work! Listen up, you may like what you get or not, but that doesn’t give you any right to pressure the creator into making what you think is a “better” and “more logical” decision. The latter one is especially true for Doctor Who. There IS. NO. LOGIC to this show. Whatever canon we think there is is vague at best and most of the time not canon at all. As far as I know, the Doctor never went and announced “I’m the eighth Doctor, don’t you forget!” He doesn’t count at all. I don’t think I ever heard anyone in the show address the “Which regeneration are you? Six or seven?” issue (haven’t seen all the classic episodes, though, so I might be wrong here). So any number we assign to a particular Doctor is purely to keep track of where we are in the Doctor’s life (and that might not even be true, since he could very well have an infinite number of regenerations; we don’t know). So bringing in John Hurt as the real Nine, making the current Doctor Twelve already (and confusing everyone with the whole “fall of the eleventh” thing, which doesn’t make sense anymore if that rumour is true…), is fine, doesn’t go against canon and doesn’t “screw up other writers’ work”, as some people put it. Doctor Who as a show is best summed up by the Doctor’s own words: a ball of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff. There is virtually no way to defy canon, because there is no canon (other than the Doctor is a renegade Time Lord traveling time and space… yep, I think that’s about it). Hell, the whole regeneration thing was added on a whim because William Hartnell left the show! Talk about double standards here; apparently, “screwing with what came before you” is fine when it’s done before you were even born…


This whole thing kind of scares me a little. I usually think it would be really cool to be somewhat famous, have a fandom and all that stuff. But on days like this, I’m not so sure. You are constantly being judged by those people, not just as a writer, director or whatever you are, but as a human being. By people who never even met you. That’s just lousy behaviour. I’m fine with being judged as a writer based on my writing. I’m not cool with people judging me based on the fact that they don’t like what I write. Sure, there will always be people who are not happy with what I can give them (provided that I ever get published), who will call the book they read crappy and move on. But that’s fine, and that’s the mature thing to do. Move on. Don’t cling to your formerly-favourite-I-hope-it-will-be-again show (or, y’know, whatever) like a child and whine about how bad it is nowadays, don’t insult the writer just because he didn’t write a bunch of episodes tailored to your taste, and don’t think you are in a position to actually demand changes in the show just because you are such a loyal fan. If you don’t like it anymore, stop watching. That’s what I did with a couple of shows, with a couple of book series, and even with a few bands I used to love. I didn’t whine and scream and tell them to do what I like because I’m such a huge fan.


Sometimes I wonder if creators like the Moff, J.K. Rowling, George Lucas or Stephen King ever look at their fans and are appalled by what they see: A crowd of manic, rabid hatemongers who worship their own version of the source material, denying even the original creator the right to make even the smallest of changes. I think they do. And that’s really sad, if you think about it.


I have a great idea for all those idiots out there: Go and make your own show/book/film, get a fandom and watch it turn against you once you do something different than before. Maybe getting a taste of your own medicine will get that notion of fandom omnipotence out of your thick heads…


Yes, this was very rant-y. And I do know I did get kind of abusive towards that part of the fandom. But there are days when I don’t feel polite. This is one of them.

Also, you can’t reason with those people. They only respond with more insults. Might as well get a head start on those.



-Ricarda (now getting dinner and a glass of wine to calm down a bit)

“I think I can see Willie”


Yeah, well, this happens when I’m waiting for the next episode of Doctor Who to air… watching obscure British quiz shows. I have no clue what’s going on or who those people are, but the show is surprisingly dirty… ô.O

I think the shows name is self-explanatory… it’s called “Pointless” :D

Mhm, I think they have to come up with the last thing anyone would think of… but still, why the hell did only sixty-four people think of Swan Lake when asked about a Tchaikowsky opera or ballet?! T_T

Ah, well, I guess I just like stuff nobody else likes, thinking everyone should like it^^


Also, this was a pointless post! *enthusiastic applause* *smug grin of the host* Good night, ladies and gentlemen!




There goes my summer…


Well, not exactly, but I will watch a lot of TV in the next few weeks. And write again. And move again, too. But… let me just get this stuff into order. Or, well, at least make it less confusing for anyone who isn’t peeking into my mind…


I just learned they made Under the Dome into a TV show. First thought was “Sweet!”, second thought was “Who the HELL decided to cast that guy as Dale Barbara?!”. Anyways. Aside from that irrational choice, I’m pretty excited. I liked Under the Dome, and I’m a huge King fan in general. And CBS did produce some of my favourite shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother being THE best, imho^^). So I’m expecting quite a bit from that show, and will watch it as soon as I can find it.

(Then again, King says he really likes how it turned out, and since the King-based film I like most is Kubrick’s Shining, which King hates… well, we’ll see^^)

Also, I really need to catch up on some other shows I’ve been neglecting to watch the past few weeks. I’ve been avoiding any TV-related Tumblr like the plague ever since this teaser with Tony and Ziva… DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING, OR ELSE I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU AND HIDE YOUR BODY IN MY CLOSET!!! /fangirl mode

*achem* What? I never threatened anyone… *whistles*


Now, the reason why I can watch so much TV is simple. I ‘m gonna drop out of college as soon as this semester is over. It was a tough decision, but in the end, how much good would it do to follow through with this course of studies when I’d just be unhappy for most of the time and never work in that field, anyway? The reasons why I enrolled here were quite complicated, anyway, and now I reached a point where I have to decide between reason and happiness. My parents taught me to always go for happiness first, money and job security aside. I am a writer, that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life, one way or another. Maybe I’ll never be able to make a living writing novels, but there are so many things to write, I can make do with writing for a magazine or creating content for websites or something.

It’s really odd for me to leave now that I finally made friends here. During my first three years at uni, I barely talked to anyone there, but since I liked what I learned (mostly), that didn’t matter. Now all the nice people here can’t make up for the fact that I hate what I’m learning here. I’m sorry to leave them behind, and thank god for Facebook and the possibility to stay in touch that way, but then again, I’ll see my friends from school a lot more now, and that’s nice, too.

That doesn’t mean I do this without a plan. I’ll look for work I can do from home, and apart from that be a full-time writer. I know how decadent this sounds, and I’m really grateful my parents let me do this. It gives me time to work out where I’m headed, and find a way to both be financially independent and a writer.


All that crap means that I have to move. Again. Back into my parents’ house, to boot. I’m dreading the day I have to get all those boxes from the fourth floor (no lift) to the parking lot, into a car, across the country, out of the car and into the basement. I’m a tiny person, I shouldn’t haul around furniture and boxes that weigh as much as I do! T_T

Also, I’ll be moving in July. During NaNo. Ack, whhhyyy? -.-


*sighs* It’s a good thing that I only have to take two exams this semester, or else I would have to find a way to avoid sleeping for a month or so…^^




Look! I’m in colour now!


Well, way more so than before, that is. I was getting tired of the old black and grey design, so I figured, hell, it’s autumn all year round outside, I can at least pretend it’s summer online :>


Also, I failed. More specifically, I failed Camp NaNo. It was kind of like my very first NaNo event, only… well, a lot more embarrassing. I set my goal at a measly 25k, and even that proved to be too much for me. I finished with a spectacularly crappy 5k. Well, damn. Let’s just hope July won’t be just as bad, I really have to finish this novel, and soon, or else I might end up home- as well as hopeless…

No! I will finish this novel, and it will be a success, make me rich and famous and pay for a sports car! …or at least for the rent and the electricity bill…

I just hope I’m right about this one…


Then again, I can always hope that weird zombie novel sells. It even has a romantic subplot and everything, and the love interest is not undead and/or a necrophiliac!^^