Look! I’m in colour now!


Well, way more so than before, that is. I was getting tired of the old black and grey design, so I figured, hell, it’s autumn all year round outside, I can at least pretend it’s summer online :>


Also, I failed. More specifically, I failed Camp NaNo. It was kind of like my very first NaNo event, only… well, a lot more embarrassing. I set my goal at a measly 25k, and even that proved to be too much for me. I finished with a spectacularly crappy 5k. Well, damn. Let’s just hope July won’t be just as bad, I really have to finish this novel, and soon, or else I might end up home- as well as hopeless…

No! I will finish this novel, and it will be a success, make me rich and famous and pay for a sports car! …or at least for the rent and the electricity bill…

I just hope I’m right about this one…


Then again, I can always hope that weird zombie novel sells. It even has a romantic subplot and everything, and the love interest is not undead and/or a necrophiliac!^^





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