There goes my summer…


Well, not exactly, but I will watch a lot of TV in the next few weeks. And write again. And move again, too. But… let me just get this stuff into order. Or, well, at least make it less confusing for anyone who isn’t peeking into my mind…


I just learned they made Under the Dome into a TV show. First thought was “Sweet!”, second thought was “Who the HELL decided to cast that guy as Dale Barbara?!”. Anyways. Aside from that irrational choice, I’m pretty excited. I liked Under the Dome, and I’m a huge King fan in general. And CBS did produce some of my favourite shows (NCIS, Criminal Minds and How I Met Your Mother being THE best, imho^^). So I’m expecting quite a bit from that show, and will watch it as soon as I can find it.

(Then again, King says he really likes how it turned out, and since the King-based film I like most is Kubrick’s Shining, which King hates… well, we’ll see^^)

Also, I really need to catch up on some other shows I’ve been neglecting to watch the past few weeks. I’ve been avoiding any TV-related Tumblr like the plague ever since this teaser with Tony and Ziva… DO NOT TELL ME ANYTHING, OR ELSE I WILL HAVE TO KILL YOU AND HIDE YOUR BODY IN MY CLOSET!!! /fangirl mode

*achem* What? I never threatened anyone… *whistles*


Now, the reason why I can watch so much TV is simple. I ‘m gonna drop out of college as soon as this semester is over. It was a tough decision, but in the end, how much good would it do to follow through with this course of studies when I’d just be unhappy for most of the time and never work in that field, anyway? The reasons why I enrolled here were quite complicated, anyway, and now I reached a point where I have to decide between reason and happiness. My parents taught me to always go for happiness first, money and job security aside. I am a writer, that’s what I’m gonna do for the rest of my life, one way or another. Maybe I’ll never be able to make a living writing novels, but there are so many things to write, I can make do with writing for a magazine or creating content for websites or something.

It’s really odd for me to leave now that I finally made friends here. During my first three years at uni, I barely talked to anyone there, but since I liked what I learned (mostly), that didn’t matter. Now all the nice people here can’t make up for the fact that I hate what I’m learning here. I’m sorry to leave them behind, and thank god for Facebook and the possibility to stay in touch that way, but then again, I’ll see my friends from school a lot more now, and that’s nice, too.

That doesn’t mean I do this without a plan. I’ll look for work I can do from home, and apart from that be a full-time writer. I know how decadent this sounds, and I’m really grateful my parents let me do this. It gives me time to work out where I’m headed, and find a way to both be financially independent and a writer.


All that crap means that I have to move. Again. Back into my parents’ house, to boot. I’m dreading the day I have to get all those boxes from the fourth floor (no lift) to the parking lot, into a car, across the country, out of the car and into the basement. I’m a tiny person, I shouldn’t haul around furniture and boxes that weigh as much as I do! T_T

Also, I’ll be moving in July. During NaNo. Ack, whhhyyy? -.-


*sighs* It’s a good thing that I only have to take two exams this semester, or else I would have to find a way to avoid sleeping for a month or so…^^





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  1. Under the Dome is on my “to-read” list. I’ll have to make it a higher priority now that there’s a TV show.
    Best of luck regarding the choice to drop out. Sometimes, it’s really for the best.
    Thanks for posting.

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