Randomness of the Day


Reading smut, selecting some random playlist, first song: Judas Priest – Ram it Down.

Is it really so juvenile to laugh at that…?^^


Jup, I’ve been kinda quiet lately. Had to get my priorities straight, though, what with my last exams (need the certificates to prove I really do know some Finnish and Swedish), going back and forth between my place and that of my parents for my dentist appointments, and now I have to start packing up my stuff so we can just load it in the moving truck in July… as opposed to what I did the last time; it’s not advisable to start packing a week before you move, no matter how small your apartment is – there will always be stuff that just magically appears and that you have absolutely no space for.


Once that is all over, though, I’ll post more, and also continue my Writing Problems posts, hopefully on a more regular basis. I’m planning to make an actual writer’s how-to out of them eventually and turn it into an ebook. Most writer’s manuals I know deal well with some problems, and various others tackle the rest, but I’m never quite satisfied with the advice, especially since it’s for a broader audience, and I really wish for a book on writing fantasy (one that isn’t stuck at 80’s sword&sorcery). So I decided to write my Problems posts as usual, but focused on the nuts and bolts of writing modern(-ish) fantasy. Maybe there are some desperate writers out there who would like something like that. We’ll see. At the very least, I’ll have something to do when my novels are driving me crazy again…





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  1. I’d like that. I can’t stand old Fantasy books that take themselves too seriously and use medieval-esque language (and sword and sorcery is just not my thing, generally speaking). It was only yesterday that someone actually confirmed for me that I’m not doing anything wrong by writing high fantasy in a modern voice. We definitely need some updated guidance there. :)

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