Who even draws pictures like that?!


It’s a children’s book!


That pretty much sums it up…


Just sayin’…

Also, when I sit next to you in class, trying not to choke to death from suppressed laughter and you ask me what’s up, when I can tell you that this guy on the picture we’re supposed to talk about appears to have a raging boner and you don’t judge me, but instead start giggling like a maniac, too, I will hug you <3 Well, probably not, since we’re in public and I’m really awkward around people, but it will be the biggest mental hug you can imagine. Like, a Chuck-Norris-trying-to-wrestle-you-to-the-ground big hug. Because you are cool, and possibly just as mad as I am.

Not that this ever happened to me, let alone at age 24 or anything… also, no-one ever commented this situation with “you are both way too juvenile to be actual college students”… while grinning as well :)


Yes, another random post. I meant to go pick up a PSN Card today to finally purchase Mass Effect (what, sometimes it takes me a while to get around to playing a good game…), and pick up a few DVDs on my “to buy” list, but since I’m usually depending on my bike for transportation, the bus is disproportionally expensive for just running a few errands, and it’s cold and raining not only cats and dogs, but also chickens, fish and maybe elephants, I’m pretty much stuck in my flat. Well done, weather. Which leaves me with option a), play Morrowind for the… 27th…? time, option b), start packing up my books (and maybe break my back in the process), and option c), …wait for it… write! *insert shocked expression here* …yup, that’s pretty much what I could do today.

I guess I’ll take option c) today, that way I at least won’t feel guilty for not choosing option b) while wasting my time with option a). Also, there may or may not be the possibility of doing a Writing Problems post about that damn first chapter. “May” because I know there’s a problem, but I still haven’t figured out a solution…

Leaving now, banging my head against the wall, seeing if that helps…






€dit: Just found this in my spam filter… “Be health care furious in bed”. I don’t even… what? oO

€dit #2: Top search leading people here? “porn horor”. Great. Now people find me through weird search requests and typos^^


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