The suspense is killing me @.@


Waiting for the aptitude test to begin*. I did expect competition, but not a whopping five hundred other applicants *gulps*

Well, I won out over six hundred others once before, I can do it again. I think.

…okay, last time it was all about writing creatively and being a good storyteller. This time, there’s gonna be a pop quiz about all things politics. Uhm… not good? I don’t exactly suck at that, but seeing as everyone else apparently prepared for this test by reading every newspaper available for a month and reading up on German history, I have no idea how much of a chance I stand against them. I don’t even watch the news on TV every day T_T

(I do get a selection of news articles, yes, but mostly about writing-/literature-related stuff. How the fuck am I supposed to know where exactly in South America the Orinoco river is?!)

Why, OH GOD WHY am I the only freaking person winging this thing?!


…all right, I think I’m okay again. Just needed to rant a bit, distracting myself from my apparent lack of general knowledge (…hehe… “General Knowledge! *salutes*”). Wouldn’t look so great if I started running around in circles, screaming… or laughing like a maniac, who knows.






*applied for an MA in Journalism, and this requires a ridiculously elaborate test *sighs*


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