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The cinema gives me weird ideas…


Now I really want this doorbell that isn’t actually a doorbell, but a life-size statue of Batman, that, every time someone rings, goes “I am Batman!” in Christan Bale’s Batman voice and freaks the hell out of the unlucky person at the door^^


In other, actually writing-related, news, chapter one of the second draft of Under the Northern Star is finished. Like, really. And I’m so fucking happy.

I hate first chapters. They are easier to write for a first draft, since I don’t have the pressure to get everything right. But all the versions after that are just a major pain in the ass. I know me; when I write a first chapter, it has to be flawless (or as close to that as possible). It’s the basis for the whole fucking rest of the book, and if I don’t get it right, I will fuck something up because I didn’t pay enough attention to the first ten pages. When I have a good first chapter, the rest is a whole lot easier to write, so I try to make it perfect. Of course, being a writer for more than a few days, I know there’s no such thing, but I do my best. Meaning that those eight measly pages (Times New Roman, 12 pt, 1.5 line spacing) took me two weeks to write. Two fucking WEEKS. And there’s not even a whole lot happening, action-wise, nor does it contain some hot, steamy sexytime which I struggle with every time. It’s just the chapter that introduces the main characters, gives some backstory, and defines a few relationships. That’s. It.

*sighs* Can you guess just why I hate first chapters so much?

On the bright side, now that I have the first chapter all wrapped up, I’m free to run along with the rest of the story.

Or recommence the second draft of Renegade. Which means writing yet another first chapter. Whhhyyy?! T_T





(Also, people still find me after searching for porn. Are my posts really that graphic? oO)


We need a new language


Like, seriously. There way too few words out there, I need a lot more than I have at my disposal, and why can’t we just make up words and make them official? We could even vote on them, but goddammit, I could do with a few more ways to say “he chuckled” right now. He’s a big dude, and “kichern” or “glucksen” (dammit, that’s what babies do!) just sound… girly -.- I need a word that says “I’m amused, but I’m expressing it like a Sir.”


*sighs* Dear Duden society,

please consider opening a list for new words. We really need some.


Writers of Germany


Honestly, if I write any of those words, I’ll never be able to stop picturing him wearing a dress, drinking tea from tiny pink cups and giggling like a maniac…

Great. Now I’m stuck with this image forever.


Why did I become a writer again?






(Also, the people who find me via Google seem to be actually looking for porn sites. What the…?!)