We need a new language


Like, seriously. There way too few words out there, I need a lot more than I have at my disposal, and why can’t we just make up words and make them official? We could even vote on them, but goddammit, I could do with a few more ways to say “he chuckled” right now. He’s a big dude, and “kichern” or “glucksen” (dammit, that’s what babies do!) just sound… girly -.- I need a word that says “I’m amused, but I’m expressing it like a Sir.”


*sighs* Dear Duden society,

please consider opening a list for new words. We really need some.


Writers of Germany


Honestly, if I write any of those words, I’ll never be able to stop picturing him wearing a dress, drinking tea from tiny pink cups and giggling like a maniac…

Great. Now I’m stuck with this image forever.


Why did I become a writer again?






(Also, the people who find me via Google seem to be actually looking for porn sites. What the…?!)


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