To be or not to be…


…a dick, to be more precise.


Seriously, Skyrim seems to have the choice between those people who are very fond of executing everyone found in the wrong place at the wrong time and that one giant racists jerk who is kind of like Hitler, but it’s fantasy so it’s okay.

Really, Bethesda?

…well, it IS fantasy, and in context, it kind of makes sense (at least a little), but I don’t think the designers wanted me to join the Stormcloaks every time and still try to kill Ulfric in several amusing ways. Even if it’s fun.


Also, I really hope the delivery guy comes before lunch tomorrow, because ELDER SCROLLS ANTHOLOGY, I WANT IT SO BADLY! :D

…okay, I’ll really just install Skyrim, mod it into Oblivion (hah!) and then start messing around with everything. Just like old times <3

Does anyone know of a mod that turns everyone into ducks? You know, just because I can…





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