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I think my brain just flatlined


So I’m scratching at the 40k mark for NaNoWriMo, typing away at a rather cheesy scene and minding my own business, when suddenly – end of chapter, and all I can come up with is a feeble “now what?”.

Seriously, I’m trying to add to the romantic subplot (which is really just the main characters getting their shit together and trying the whole adult relationship thing, so not even that complicated), and I finally managed to come up with some decent dialogue, and now that I’ve reached the “we’re officially dating now” part, it’s like my brain went “oh, good, you’ve finished that part, good luck finding a decent way to start the next chapter, I’m outta here!”. Leaving me staring blankly at the screen and wondering what to do next.
It’s not that I’ve run out of plot; I have plenty of that. Or that I want to add drama and don’t know how (there won’t be that much drama, anyway). Or even that I know what’s supposed to happen, but have no idea how to write it.
I just have no idea what comes next. Like, should the next chapter be the one where Tyra begins her training? Or the one where Petri is criticised for going out with a “tavern wench” when he should be looking for a bride among the other Jarls’ daughters? Or maybe just a scene or two with everyone being normal for once? But what if that’s boring? Readers don’t like getting bored, so something should be happening. But isn’t this also a story about Tyra finding a new home, rebuilding her life before she has to fight for it – again? If I never show any part of that life, does that fight even matter? Do people even care why people in books fight as long as there’s magic that goes BOOM? Is “people making friends and realising that their temporary home could actually be permanent” not a thing that counts as “something that happens”?

Gah, I’m confused, and freaking out, and now I really want some coffee but it’s ten pm and that’s not something I should do at this hour. Drink coffee, I mean. The freaking out part is fine.

I’m torn. On the one hand, I want to write good, old-fashioned fantasy that’s neither high nor low, just happily settled somewhere in the middle, without all the over-the-top heroism or all the gritty, dirty, brutal stuff. Not that there won’t be something of both, but I thought it would be nice to have a story that’s not about either a knight in shining armor on a sparkly unicorn saving the day or a street rat getting by via stealing, killing and occasional prostitution. Just… normal people who try and keep their land and people from being overrun and occupied by a foreign army.
But then I think that maybe no-one wants to read that? And since I’m writing this one with publication in mind, I should think about what’s marketable, at least to a degree. I can write the weird stuff once I’ve got my millions safely on my bank account and Peter Jackson directing a film version of my book. So for now I have to ask myself: Is this the kind of story I can sell and that has the potential to earn me at least a modest amount of money? Or should I put it away for a while and write something more… accessible to secure myself a position among the literary folk?

Bwah, life is too complicated, I’ll just go shoot some dragons until I can figure out how to stop thinking so much…


Rant over, Ricarda out.


Gallifrey rises


Warning: Massive spoilers ahead. Don’t read if you want to be surprised by The Day of the Doctor.

(Just re-posting my thoughts on the special from Tumblr.)

I imagine there will be a lot of uproar in the fandom once it sinks in that we’ll likely be getting Gallifrey and the Timelords back. It’s not been outright said that we will, but it was so heavily implied it would be a massive asshole move not to act on that implication.

For years, we’ve known the Doctor as the last of the Timelords, and now he’s got them back? If that’s not a massive change to canon, I don’t know what is.

I’m guessing a lot of fans will raise hell to try and retcon that particular detail. I won’t be one of them. Why? Because, flawed as it is, I love Gallifrey and the Timelord society. I want to see more of it, and not just whatever Classic Who there is I haven’t seen yet, but new episodes set there as well. I want to see the Doctor return home, with everything that comes with it. Like, would they welcome him or try to drive him off again? Are his wife and child still alive? How will they react to the Doctor having married at least half a dozen women since he left? What about Rassilon? Last time we saw him, he was hell-bent on getting rid of the Doctor. But once he learns that he actually managed to save Gallifrey, will he still try? Will someone stop him?

There’s so much potential in this, I hope they don’t ruin it. Also, finally, I have to side with those who wish for a new showrunner to replace Moffat. He’s had his time with Who, he’s done a good job, but after seeing the special, I have to say he’s past his prime as a Who writer. Aside from being a glorious shout-out to fifty years of Doctor Who, the writing in this special was rather… sub-par. There were leaps in logic I have yet to understand, the pacing was weird, to say the least, and the Zygon subplot was never resolved (unless there was an after-credits scene we missed). I really enjoyed the Moffat era, but it’s time for someone else to take up the mantle. The past few action-laden seasons were all well and good, but I think with Peter Capaldi taking up the role as the Doctor, there’s a chance to get back to intricate storytelling rather than running around and blowing things up. There doesn’t have to be a big BOOM every episode. A small “Oh dear, that’s what I have to do?” is plenty. Or maybe a passionate “Fuck yes, that’s what I need to do!”, depending on whether or not Twelve will be allowed to swear on-screen^^

Anyways, It was a good episode, and I’m already dreading eagerly anticipating the Christmas special. Also, allow me to fangirl for a moment over OH MY GOD, WE ACTUALLY SAW TWELVE ALREADY YESTERDAY!!! *dies of happiness*

Seems like a good way to go :D



My computer is messing with me.


Again. And remember what I said about computers being evil? Well, I just found a file on my desktop that I thought was a Twilight fanfiction I thought I’d downloaded yesterday. I opened it because the file name was just a single dash (no idea how that happened), and what did I find?

A bloody Criminal Minds fanfiction with Slenderman that I read months ago and that I know I deleted. Also months ago.

How?! I didn’t touch that damn fic again after reading it once, so how the hell did that link get into the download section of Fanfiction Downloader?

And it HAD to be Slenderman, of all things -.- Trying to scare me, Windows? Well, mission accomplished ._.

Stupid Slenderman.




Edit: To un-scare, I just had to watch this… can I just say “I kick ass for the lord!”…?^^ (Fair warning: This is messy and involves buckets of blood, so don’t like, don’t watch. It’s hilarious, though, and I highly recommend it :D)

Fuck you, universe -.-


There are days when I just know that the universe is screwing with me. Today is such a day.

First a problem with an insurance company needed sorting. A problem I shouldn’t have because I canceled my insurance, which got confirmed. Twice. But since people trust computers and computers are stupid, that info didn’t get through, so they tried to collect the fee for 2014. I reversed this transaction, called and was told that I shouldn’t worry, the system would recognise the transaction, and no-one would ask for money anymore.

Again, fuck you. First, they sent me a check for the amount of the fee because they already collected it, oblivious of the fact that I already got my money back. Then, they wanted proof that I didn’t cash the check, which I sent. But because they are way quicker collecting their money than they are reading their clients’ emails, I received a dunning letter at the very same day. Because I didn’t pay for my insurance. Which I don’t have anymore. Which they confirmed multiple times in various ways.

Today I was told to ignore that claim, come December the system would update and correct the error.

I’m afraid this isn’t over yet.


And as if that wasn’t enough, my computer decided to screw with me as well. First it went out. Just like that. Since my monitor and speakers still worked and the light of the plugbar was still on, I assumed it was the computer’s fault. Called brother, brother fiddled with it for a bit, nothing. Plugged it into another bar, works just fine. Plugs it into the old bar again, runs like it always did. What the fuck? I mean it, computers are stupid. And evil. Especially evil.

Well, that wasn’t the end of it, obviously, since I spent the last two hours digging around in my system, trying to get my USB ports to work again and connect with my usual mouse (or any mouse for that matter; one still worked, but only in one port, that picky diva). Nothing helped until I disconnected the hub (which still had the keyboard plugged in and that worked just fine, mind you) and plugged it into another port. For the second time, because hey, it might just work now. Bam, problem solved. Lesson learned: If something doesn’t work, just keep trying the simplest solution over and over again like a moron, because either way you’ll lose a few hours, and you don’t run the risk of killing your system dead with a wrong click. Also, you don’t have to google every weird error description possible.


Now I’m just glad I wrote 1.5k already before all that crap happened. I’ll just add this post to my wordcount and call it a day, I think I can justify that today. And then I’ll probably go and shoot some Nazis, because that always cheers me up. Go me!


On a side note, I’m not that far behind on NaNo anymore. I wrote zip on day 2 because I went over to a friend for a film night, and a little less than 1667 words for a few days after that, and now I need to write 1.8k per day just to win. Yeah, so much for writing 70k this November.

Ah, well, I still have time, don’t I?


Yes, this was rant-y. No, I do not care. But feel free to laugh at my misery, maybe it helps lifting your mood; go ahead, I don’t mind :)