My computer is messing with me.


Again. And remember what I said about computers being evil? Well, I just found a file on my desktop that I thought was a Twilight fanfiction I thought I’d downloaded yesterday. I opened it because the file name was just a single dash (no idea how that happened), and what did I find?

A bloody Criminal Minds fanfiction with Slenderman that I read months ago and that I know I deleted. Also months ago.

How?! I didn’t touch that damn fic again after reading it once, so how the hell did that link get into the download section of Fanfiction Downloader?

And it HAD to be Slenderman, of all things -.- Trying to scare me, Windows? Well, mission accomplished ._.

Stupid Slenderman.




Edit: To un-scare, I just had to watch this… can I just say “I kick ass for the lord!”…?^^ (Fair warning: This is messy and involves buckets of blood, so don’t like, don’t watch. It’s hilarious, though, and I highly recommend it :D)


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