Gallifrey rises


Warning: Massive spoilers ahead. Don’t read if you want to be surprised by The Day of the Doctor.

(Just re-posting my thoughts on the special from Tumblr.)

I imagine there will be a lot of uproar in the fandom once it sinks in that we’ll likely be getting Gallifrey and the Timelords back. It’s not been outright said that we will, but it was so heavily implied it would be a massive asshole move not to act on that implication.

For years, we’ve known the Doctor as the last of the Timelords, and now he’s got them back? If that’s not a massive change to canon, I don’t know what is.

I’m guessing a lot of fans will raise hell to try and retcon that particular detail. I won’t be one of them. Why? Because, flawed as it is, I love Gallifrey and the Timelord society. I want to see more of it, and not just whatever Classic Who there is I haven’t seen yet, but new episodes set there as well. I want to see the Doctor return home, with everything that comes with it. Like, would they welcome him or try to drive him off again? Are his wife and child still alive? How will they react to the Doctor having married at least half a dozen women since he left? What about Rassilon? Last time we saw him, he was hell-bent on getting rid of the Doctor. But once he learns that he actually managed to save Gallifrey, will he still try? Will someone stop him?

There’s so much potential in this, I hope they don’t ruin it. Also, finally, I have to side with those who wish for a new showrunner to replace Moffat. He’s had his time with Who, he’s done a good job, but after seeing the special, I have to say he’s past his prime as a Who writer. Aside from being a glorious shout-out to fifty years of Doctor Who, the writing in this special was rather… sub-par. There were leaps in logic I have yet to understand, the pacing was weird, to say the least, and the Zygon subplot was never resolved (unless there was an after-credits scene we missed). I really enjoyed the Moffat era, but it’s time for someone else to take up the mantle. The past few action-laden seasons were all well and good, but I think with Peter Capaldi taking up the role as the Doctor, there’s a chance to get back to intricate storytelling rather than running around and blowing things up. There doesn’t have to be a big BOOM every episode. A small “Oh dear, that’s what I have to do?” is plenty. Or maybe a passionate “Fuck yes, that’s what I need to do!”, depending on whether or not Twelve will be allowed to swear on-screen^^

Anyways, It was a good episode, and I’m already dreading eagerly anticipating the Christmas special. Also, allow me to fangirl for a moment over OH MY GOD, WE ACTUALLY SAW TWELVE ALREADY YESTERDAY!!! *dies of happiness*

Seems like a good way to go :D




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