asdffgafgjhjjj MOFFAT!!!


(Fair warning: Excessive swearing and nervous breakdown ahead…)

How?! HOW can he DO that?! I have even more questions than before, and I have to wait until fucking AUGUST to MAYBE get some answers?!?! So what am I supposed to do until then? Play “they return, they don’t return” with a whole field of daisies? And holy fucking shit, how does a Timelord even forget how to fly his goddamn TARDIS?! And what about the Silence and that temporary truce? Maybe it works in-universe, but *I* can’t just forget o_O

And then he goes on and announces Sherlock LIKE THIS?!?!

Moffat, you son of a bitch ._.

Please excuse me while I go lie down and try to keep breathing. This was just too much.


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