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Things That Ruined Star Wars for Me: Pervert Edition


Video probably NSFW.


This is why I will NEVER be able to take Kit Fisto or anything involving him seriously. Ever.

Worst thing is that he’s got tentacles. On his head. This will never not be dirty…


– Ricarda


Slightly unrelated edit: I like Clone Wars Anakin waaay more than Ep II&III Anakin. As in, can I please bleach that whiny asshole out of my brain and replace him with awesome!Anakin forever? Because that would just be great.


(No title because I’m tired.)

So I accidentally wrote a short story about a creepy chair. It happens. But what the hell am I supposed to do with it? oO

Are there any magazines that take stories about cursed furniture? I mean, Nightmare on Elm Street had a man-eating bed, so… someone wants this stuff, right? But what about stories where the furniture doesn’t kill anyone? Is that still horror, or should I include weird sex and sell it to some romance publisher? I mean, a hexed chair is still way more plausible than some of the sexytimes I’ve come across in published erotica.

Maybe I should just go to bed and read the thing again tomorrow. Just to be sure it still makes sense to a non-sleep deprived brain.