Creepy notebook is creepy


That moment when you look for ideas in an old notebook and find a plot/blurb about someone spying on people for the NSA, then going rogue and exposing them… Jesus, that’s a whole new level of unsettling, even for me o_O

Okay, my plot has genetically altered spec ops people, a huge government conspiracy and lots of shooting and random assassinations, but still. Creepy.


Hm. I think that’s what later turned into a Camp NaNo novel… *checks* Yup, it’s the first incarnation, all right. Can I somehow use this for marketing purposes? “Psychic reveals shocking secrets years before the world learns of them! Read now the thrilling sequel to a ‘novel’ that might turn out to be much more than just a story!”

Seems like a sound strategy to me…





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  1. I was looking through my idea binder today, and I found a place where I’d scribbled “The thing in the basement is not a little girl.”

    I have no idea where I was going with that but now I’m kind of creeped out.

    • That would lead me to the question why you’d keep a little girl in your basement in the first place ô.O
      Idea collections are weird. It’s like the rock bottom of Reddit comments – just pray reading them doesn’t scar you permanently…

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