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So apparently this is erotica? Or something?


So I found this. NSFW (or small children), obviously. So far, it’s the single most disturbing and at the same time hilarious thing on that blog. I’ve been sitting here for ten minutes and I can’t stop laughing. And I have So. Many. Questions.

Why do they have to do sports naked?

Why do only the men get to lose their junk?

Why on earth would you check out your own schlong in a box?

And when did “hot steamy group action” become a standard for male wrestling teams?

Is this our future? Who in their right mind thought this wouldn’t only be sexy, but also not ricidulous to the point of “Oh my god, do you actually have permission to vote?!?!?!”?

I’m done. I can’t. How this could be considered erotica in any shape or form is beyond me. I’d frankly be very reassured if this were written by a troll. Like, please be written by a troll ._.


In the words of a confused friend: How on earth do I keep finding these things? o_O