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I’m done.


The day I realised that there is more fanfiction for Call of Duty and The Sims than there is for Guild Wars and Prince of Persia (combined, mind you) is the day I’m so 100% done with fandom.

…fine, not 100%,l but it’s depressing that games without anything remotely resembling a story get more love that cool games with awesome lore. I mean, COME ON, the fucking Pokémon franchise is, as of right fucking now, the fucking #1 in the games section over at -.-

And I’m once again left with “write it yourself” as my only option. I don’t have time for this, I have to write that novel that kinda-sorta started as Star Wars fanf-





That moment when…


…you realise that, for a solid two months, you

a) listened to the same five songs, and only in the shower,

b) read nothing but fanfiction and

c) watched four (!) films in total.


I used to listen to music all the time, read about three books a week and tried to find new cool films every other day. Now? I write for about six to eight hours and then watch a few episodes of a show I already know, read a chapter or two of fanfiction in whatever fandom currently holds my interest – when I’m not playing Guild Wars 2 – and then I fall asleep while vowing to start reading an actual book and watch a film I’ve never seen before “tomorrow”.

Don’t get me wrong, I love fanfiction and TV shows, but as a huge film nut and avid reader, it’s just so very unsatisfying sometimes. Fanfiction is based on the notion that you already know the universe, the characters and places; reading a new book, I get to explore a place for the very first time. I can get to know the people, learn about their culture and find little secrets all over the place. And don’t get me started how angry at myself I am because I STILL get upset when someone dies in Supernatural. Irrational reactions aside, by now I KNOW who will come back and who stays dead, I shouldn’t get emotional anymore. Screaming at my TV when I saw them die for the first time should be enough.

The best part? I only realised this when I complained about my mum that I didn’t buy an actual, physical copy of a book for myself in almost six months, which prompted her to walk into a bookstore and bring home a list of books recommended by the clerk. And I basically went “holy shit, when did I stop reading?!”.

And I need this. I need to stop thinking about my stories every now and then. But both TV shows and their short episodes and fanfiction with short chapters don’t give me that chance (unless I marathon Doctor Who, which is great on its own, but not exactly healthy). So, my New Year’s resolution is to buy and/or read a book every month that I didn’t read before, and watch at least one film every week (and not the way I watch them while surfing the web, no sir!). Because every writer needs to completely forget about their own stuff every once in a while, lest they go crazy.

Also, I find gory horror flicks to be really relaxing. And that’s good, too, I guess. And not at all a sign that I may have a problem…



Moar video!


Angry cats shouldn’t be this funny, but they are. Especially when they get up on two legs and walk away for no apparent reason.

On a side note, it seems like disgruntled Me sounds a lot like a disgruntled cat. Also, I tend to hiss a lot. In my next life, I’m going to be a cat. One of the diva kind.

Now, it’s October, and that means less than a month to go until NaNoWriMo. If you haven’t heard of that, go look it up! What do you mean, not interested? What are you reading a writer’s blog for, then? :O

…back? Great :) I’m not doing as much preparation as I usually do; I’ll be mainly working on my two current novels (read: rebelling), and try to finish at least one of my fanfictions which I have neglected for far too long! I mean, it’s season premiere for NCIS tonight Scratch that, it’s episode 11/2 already oO And I haven’t even watched the last four episodes of season 10. I have way too many shows to keep track off, I should write that down somewhere… Anyways, it’s about time I finished that fic, especially now that GODDAMMIT, FACEBOOK, THAT WAS THE BIGGEST FUCKING SPOILER IN THE UNIVERSE!!! How dare you show me this picture?! That is… I don’t even… gah! T_T

Seriously, why?! -.-

In any case, I’ve got a lot of writing to do in November, and by New Year’s, I’ll hopefully be able to toast to my first finished second draft :)

(What goes as a second draft for me, anyway. I usually write one draft, let it sit, make the necessary changes and then write another draft that I obsess over for so long that it ends up feeling like a third or even fourth draft. I’m pathetic >.<)

So, what are your plans for this NaNo? Planning, pantsing, recording a collection of freeform poetry in your best Oprah voice?


Dear WTF Fanfiction: Thank you for making my day!

Rampant erection – When “weird” is taken to the next level…


What’s worse: That there is a film about this, or that I watched it and thought it was hilarious…?

Yes, this post is random. No, I do not care. And yes, you should go watch that film, now^^

Also: That awkward moment when you see this actor and think “Hey, I’ve seen that guy before…”, just to wikipedia him and realise it was probably in some kind of porn? Yeah, happens to me more often than I’d like to admit.




Fanfiction is NOT non-literature!


It’s a really sad thing that, by now, I’m used to people giving me that look when they learn that I write fanfiction. It’s a sad thing that I stopped telling people that I write fanfiction altogether and try to avoid saying anything about the subject until I’m sure they won’t give me said look that pretty much says something along the lines of “Oh, you actually think you are a writer, how cute, but do you know that this is not real literature?”. And it’s a sad thing that I’m not the only fanfiction writer in the closet precisely because of that.


There is one reason why I am actually grateful that Fifty Shades of Grey was properly published. It was one huge step on the way of proving that fanfiction is literature just like the original works are. It might not be the best book that’s out there (it really isn’t), but that has nothing to do with it being a fanfiction, it’s about the author not being the brightest candle on the writer’s chandelier. But she may just have paved the way for more good fanfics eventually turning into completely original novels. I mean, it’s not like every fic is just a lame copy of the original. There are plenty of stories that would work just as well with the names changed, and the similarities would turn into casual nods towards pop culture. (At the risk of boasting, I suppose my Silent Hill story would be one of those. Anyways.)

So I guess it’s understandable I was a little bugged when I had to read this from one of my favourite bloggers (roughly translated), when he was answering a tweet from someone who claimed that there were much worse fanfics than 50 Shades: “Maybe, but now it has to compete with other bestselling novels and not only with fanfics.” What irks me is the “not only fanfics” part. He made similar comments about 50 Shades before, and while I generally like his blog, I very much wanted to yell at him for that. He always makes it sound like fanfics were something less that literature, less that “real” writing. That’s rich, coming from a guy whose first novel is a Twilight spoof that can very well be seen as “fan”fiction, too. (He’s not the only one, but his comment inspired this post.)

I wrote about a similar problem before: The “real literature vs. genre literature” thing. It’s both literature. As is fanfiction. We put just as much effort in writing our stories as “real” authors do. In fact, I am also a “real” author. So does that mean my fanfic is somehow still worse than my original writing? Or does my writing fanfiction make my original writing worse by definition? Doesn’t sound logical, and it certainly isn’t true. Every author on this planet gets inspired by something that has come before them. That’s why we say “There’s nothing that hasn’t been done before”. So what’s so bad about fanfic authors who just openly admit that they get their ideas from someone else’s work?


We are not lesser writers because we write fanfiction. Our writing isn’t worse because it’s not completely original. So please stop picking on us and what we like  just because it’s not your cup of tea. It’s not a one-way ticket to writer’s hell to write fanfiction. It’s a legitimate hobby, and it’s legitimate writing. Stop looking down on us. We don’t look down on you, either.




Fandom goes w00t?



Wait, what?

Seriously? Of all the possible ship names, you chose “Peeniss”? oO

I mean, I’m all for properly naming our beloved ships, but couldn’t we make something… less awkward out of “Katniss” and “Peeta”…? I mean, like, Katta sounds weird, but at least it doesn’t make it sound like every single fanfic in the Hunger Games fandom is porn…

/end random comment of the day


…I think I’m gonna go write some Hunger Games fic now. I kind of want to, and maybe it gets me motivated again to work on my other WIPs.