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What is Happening in Istanbul?


Holy… okay, this is horrible. People need to know. We had a similar incident like that at the park about a year back, when German Railways tried to cut down centuries old trees to build a new train station. The use of teargas and water cannons was similar, but at least we all knew and could react. This is why I reblog. People need to be aware. When someone is calling for support in a situation like this, how can we not try and help, if only by spreading the word? ~ ~ ~ €dit: Just read an article in one of the biggest German newspapers, and they just wrote about “12 injured”. Not a word about people ending up dead or in critical condition because they just wanted to be heard. I don’t even… how is this happening, today, in a country that claims to be a democracy?!     | -Ricarda  (WordPress screwed up my format, that’s why this looks a bit wonky…)

İnsanlık Hali

To my friends who live outside of Turkey:

I am writing to let you know what is going on in Istanbul for the last five days. I personally have to write this because at the time of my writing most of the media sources are shut down by the government and the word of mouth and the internet are the only ways left for us to explain ourselves and call for help and support.

Last week of May 2013 a group of people most of whom did not belong to any specific organization or ideology got together in Istanbul’s Gezi Park. Among them there were many of my friends and yoga students. Their reason was simple: To prevent and protest the upcoming demolishing of the park for the sake of building yet another shopping mall at very center of the city. There are numerous shopping malls in Istanbul, at least…

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Since when is porn bad, exactly?


Allow me to elaborate: Since when is porn bad for the average adult human being who independently decides it’s fun to watch some sexytimes on TV (or elsewhere) from time to time?

Since always, it seems. Or, rather, the EU seems to think it is. Or maybe just some stuck-up assholes who actually get turned on by banning everything that other people find remotely enjoyable. Started with printed books way back when the sun still revolved around the earth, and didn’t end with the good old shoot-’em-ups which, apparently, warp and twist our children into monstrous creatures without a trace of compassion. Or something like that. Wait, am I a monstrous creature without compassion? In that case, maybe they’ve got a point….

Anyways, moving on. C’mon, what exactly is so bad about porn? Adult people watch adult people getting at it, in more or less erotic situations (the things I’ve seen… *shudders*), and no-one is forced to watch and/or participate. For the record, I’m not talking about the illegal stuff here, just about your run-of-the-mill porn, available from the dealer of your choice. Perfectly safe, and even entertaining, though sometimes not in the way the director meant it to be. Well, seems like I’m wrong about that one. It’s dangerous, promotes bad role models, and will plunge the world into anarchy if we don’t outlaw it immediately. And while they didn’t outright say they wish to ban all pornography, the phrasing is vague enough to, ultimately, allow just that to happen.

Really, is it just me, or do those guys manage to sneak a handful of… questionable paragraphs into every single proposition, no matter how noble the initial intentions? Remember CISPA and ACTA? Okay, I see, online piracy is wrong, but those were basically a carte blanche to monitor everything we do online and cut our access on a whim, without proof, just because, I dunno, we looked up the prices of a rival cable company. Now this. Now, they seem just to be trying to promote (gender) equality, which is kind of a good cause, and they even managed to mention that, yes, it’s not just about women’s rights, it’s about everyone’s rights, which includes, y’know, everyone. But how could someone possibly support something that tries to shut down a whole perfectly legal industry, just because they don’t like it? No way I’m gonna approve of that.

Neither should anyone else. I’m sick of politicians trying to get through with stunts like that, sneaking in dangerous laws into seemingly harmless draft bills. I’m getting the feeling they are actively trying to take away our rights; and yes, privileges, too, but seriously, where do we draw the line? We don’t need soda to live, but does that mean it’s okay to just ban it? Didn’t think so. It starts with porn, and next thing we know, every TV show has to get a seal of approval of the government, under the pretence of “protecting our children”? China, anyone? Just because we don’t need a specific something to live doesn’t mean we should let politics take it away from us that easily. I’m currently writing a dystopia, and some things in there are so eerily similar to what’s going on here, it’s downright scary.


So, please, even if you’re not EU based, help us stop this idiocy before they can do more than just ruffle their feathers. Sign the petition and help us stop this thing, preferably before we lose our beloved “Why is there straw in the corner?” :O




“You can say whatever you like…!


Just be sensitive about what exactly you wish to tell the world.”


Yeah, well, that seems to be the current situation here in Germany, as far as I can tell -.-

As you may or may not have noticed, there was quite an outrage about Innocence of Muslims, a film by American pastor Terry Jones. I think no-one really knows for sure, since few people were actually able to see the whole film, but apparently, it shows the life of Mohammed in a rather insulting way (including everything from “He’s a pedo and rapes little girls!” up to “Oh, wait, no, he’s actually gay!”). Yeah. Logic and stuff…

Anyway, so people reacted badly, violently even. Which is every bit as bad as the film, I might add; worse, even, because the film didn’t harm and kill other people. It’s like in kindergarten, when the annoying kid calls you names, but instead of ignoring the moron, you start hitting random kids standing nearby who have nothing to do with anything.

Subsequently, people started to hate Terry Jones even more than before, and now Germany has forbidden him to enter the country. Minister Westerwelle claims it’s about national security or something while Chancellor Merkel says that we have, indeed, freedom of speech, but only so much.

Yeah. Right. Smart move, guys, I’m so damn impressed and proud to be German that I’m practically bouncing up and down-

Oh, wait, no, that’s because I’m listening to some awesome music right now!

Listen, I’m not pro-Jones, and neither do I support hate crimes of any kind (which should be obvious as well as self-evident, but apparently, these days you have to say that time and time again, or else people might start calling you hateful and racist and whatnot…). But I’d still say he has the right to say what he wants in any way he wants. Asshole or not, but that’s one of the foundations of Democracy. His message might be wrong and insulting to some, but he fucking has the right to spread it. I didn’t read anything about that, so I’d wager he did not tell people to go kill one another, and as long as he doesn’t, he can bloody preach whatever the hell he likes.

Because, and now listen very carefully, who the hell says we have to take him seriously and let him insult us?! Kindergarten again: Who else was told not to listen to the annoying asshole and just walk away, ignoring him? Yeah, I thought so. So why on earth do grown-ups act like kids who never heard of that advice? oO I don’t get it. I mean, shouldn’t we be able to, I dunno, ignore that asshat as well and just go on with our lives? You know, like, be mature about it, tell him hes a dick and we don’t care about what he says?

Now telling him he can’t come here and practice his oh-so-valued freedom of speech, that’s a stab in the back of everyone who also wants to be able to say what they want whenever they want without having to fear repercussions. We should be aware that granting this right only to those who say “good” things is practically the same as taking it away from everyone. Who says what can be said and what can’t? When does it stop?

So I might sound paranoid or whatever here, but just think about it a little, and then ask yourself what you are ready to sacrifice because you’d like one tiny bully with a small penis (sorry, couldn’t resist…) to shut up. I think protecting our rights and our freedom is well worth putting up with a few of those jerks, however much we may dislike them and their opinion.


Phew, I didn’t really mean to let this escalate into a full-blown rant… Well, whatever. It’s worth it.

Go think a little, and then tell someone. Because you can.





€dit: Apparently, even some Muslim societies are against a ban on the film, claiming that this would only make things worse and assign an importance to the film it shouldn’t posses. Now that’s exactly what I mean; be mature about this, keep calm and carry on. Jones is a dick, he doesn’t even deserve this kind of attention. And yes, I see what I did there^^

dpa-Eilmeldung per Twitter:


dpa-EIL-Meldung: Deutschland wird ACTA-Abkommen vorerst nicht unterzeichnen, Auswärtiges Amt hat Weisung zurückgezogen

AA bestätigt: ACTA wird zunächst nicht unterzeichnet, Justizministerin habe Bedenken angemeldet, keine Entscheidung in der Sache


Das wäre dann vermutlich die erste vernünftige Entscheidung in der Sache seit geraumer Zeit. Was allerdings die Frage aufwirft: Warum erst jetzt? Das Abkommen ist lange bekannt, gerade diejenigen, die darüber entscheiden, ob Deutschland unterzeichnet oder nicht, sollten doch längst wissen, worum es geht! Wieso kommen diese Bedenken also so plötzlich und kurz vor knapp? Die sollten doch wissen, was da drinsteht, dafür werden sie schließlich bezahlt -.-

Ich werf mal ganz polemisch in den Raum: Denen geht der Arsch auf Grundeis, weil sie merken, dass sie Millionen von potentiellen Wählerstimmen verlieren, wenn sie ACTA in dieser Form durchdrücken. Hunderttausende ACTA-Gegner weltweit werden morgen auf die Straße gehen (ich leider nicht, ich hab ‘ne Reise vor mir, aber ich bin wenigstens geistig dabei…). Und auf einmal finden auch Deutschlands Politiker die ganze ACTA-Kiste nicht mehr so schnieke.

Ja. Das ist jetzt alles voll glaubwürdig. Und so.



dpa just tweeted that Germany won’t sign ACTA. For now. Minister of justice expresses concerns. I mean, that’s in itself pretty cool, but: Why just now? Why not earlier, when there would have been more time to change the whole thing, give it a new direction? They should know what ACTA IS, after all. That’s what they are paid for -.-

My guess: They are scared shitless by the thought of repelling so many voters. Hundreds of thousands of ACTA opponents will protest tomorrow (I can’t, unfortunately, I have a four-hour car ride home ahead). And suddenly, Germany’s politicians don’t find ACTA so cool anymore.

Right. That’s totally credible.