Bits and pieces on the net I find particularly useful or just entertaining.






The National Novel Writing Month – one of the best writing projects of all time.


Muse Medicine

Need help writing a broken leg? A punctured lung? Or just having fun torturing your characters? Here’s the place for research.


Reisegeschwindigkeiten (traveling speeds; easily usable with Google translate or an old-fashioned dictionary)

So your hero is crossing the Alps in spring on an ostrich? Find out here how long it takes, what would be faster (and safer), and possibly even whether the ostrich will kill you.




Fun stuff


Ducky’s English Translations

Just what it says on the tin. Ducky translated (among other things) several Japanese novels connected to the popular video game series Silent Hill. Plain awesome :D


Alex Reads Twilight

A guy, Twilight and a video diary documenting his daring experiment. Amazingly entertaining. I enjoyed the Twilight series, I did, but that doesn’t mean I don’t see the flaws in the books, and this is just hilarious :D