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Update – Spliced and other projects


Wow. More than a year since I last posted here. Time sure flies when you’re busy tearing your hair out over a story.

There is a – hopefully – good reason for that radio silence. For the past year and a half, I have been working on self-publishing my first novel, getting the next big project into a workable shape, and publishing said first novel, Spliced, again – this time in English.

The final result is now available on Amazon.com as well as internationally. I’m (possibly irrationally) proud of actually going through with this, even though I probably got a few more grey hairs from this experience. I’ve read somewhere once that English isn’t so much a language as it is three entirely different languages stacked on top of each other wearing a trenchcoat, and constantly fighting over who gets to be the face.

Sounds about right.

So with that project finished and my sanity still somewhat intact, I will wrap up some loose ends during the next few weeks and then continue my work on the as of yet unnamed next novel – a fantasy story about a necromancer and a fire mage accidentally releasing an ancient evil, and their slightly chaotic attempts to figure out how to deal with said evil before the entire world goes up in flames.

If you are interested in how that’s coming along, and whether or not I’ll be able to get through this one without developing another caffeine addiction, follow me on Facebook for semi-regular updates!


I’m lazy and my brain is melting


Well, that’s partially true. I’m not so much lazy as I’m very much unmotivated to do my job at the moment. Mainly because it involves polite written conversations and summarising. I mean, how is it that I had very little trouble writing this book, but putting an adequate description of the events into less that two-thousand words is hell? Even editing wasn’t as excrutiating. Boring, yes, but this is beyond just unpleasant. This is agony. (I dare you to call me a drama queen, dearest reader. I dare you!)

I should just self-publish and be done with it. Screw agents. At least I won’t have to figure out how make fifty words into one.

…okay, that doesn’t sound so bad. It’s probably just a little tedious.

I still hate it.


Can’t I just go back to Dragon Age and play that horrible, horrible Lost in Dreams quest? No?

Did I mention that I hate this?